My Dark Heart

"My heart is heavy with all that has become, I can't see how I could cast aside all I held dear... It's almost as if he was never there, not even alive... But then, he isnt..."


9. How many names?

I hid my relief as the bell's obnoxious ringing echoed through the school grounds. I edged free of Alex's grip and made a dash for the mess hall, hoping to find Sades along the way. Fortunately for me I bumped right into her. "Ow!" I clutched my arm. And then smiled when I heard the familliar apologies of Sadies voice.

"Oh, ah, so sorry, wait, Raven?" She beamed at me. And I hugged her quickly, before allowing her to drag me on to another classroom, and another hour of boredom. She ran so fast, I could barely keep up. It wasnt really my sort of thing, running. She barged past complaining students, many of which I dare say weren't human. Many had red eyes. I shook off the feeling of being watched and tried to get out as many 'Sorry's as possible as Sades continued to barge past everyone. We soon entered the English block and found our classroom. I let my hand drop from Sades, as I calmed my breathing. She went on ahead, her body fine. Mine, however, was on the verge of suicide. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and walked inside.

Not many students had made their way to the room yet. I glanced at the clock, seeing we were relatively early and scowled at Sades. She wink back at me, and patted the chair next to her. This classroom was set up in rows. Each row would reach almost the full length of the classroom. So I was dreading who would sit on my opposite side. I dragged my feet as I took my seat next to Sades. I opened a new textbook that lay on my desk, after writing my name on the front, and waited for the lesson to start. I face rested on a hand. Ready. It was only as more students began to file in, was that I saw a boy sat to the side of me, a few seats away. His hair pitch black, toned ever so slightly with blue, in a messy cut, spiky, his eyes dark black, pale skin, his knees tucked up tohis chest....It was Will! What was Will doing here? Of all places. He was being too forward, I though he stayed in the shadows, this wont do! My arms stiffened and I froze where I sat, staring stupidly at him. It wasn't long before his eyes found me, and the smile that hit me almost killed me. He bit his fingernail absently. Please don't sit here, please don't sit... He kept his eyes forward as he shuffled one seat, and then another, until he was sat next to me. I flopped my head into my hands. When I looked up again, every seat in the room was taken. Crafty. He knew what was going to happen and how everything worked, he wasn't stupid. No, he was deffinately not stupid. I had really underestimated him. Damn, he got me. I turned my scowl on him. My eyes strained as I peered through my hair, not wanting to look him directly. His hand rested on the table, too close to mine. As I picked up my pen, and began to write, and so did he. And of course he would be left handed. Our hands knocked and touched. And I had to contain my anger at the whole thing. And then, as if to tease me, he flipped the pen into his other hand and wrote just as neatly. He's doing it on purpose! I crossed my arms, wanting to listen to the rest of the lecture. He twiddled the pen in his left hand, his slim pale fingers, twiting it, and never dropping it. The logic of it all blinded me. Everything he did, was too thought out. Too planned. Most times. He chewed absently on the pen lid as he stared into the lecturer. Who then started to cough. He tried to continue, but the coughing continued. A dark smirk on Will's face. I soon made the conection and shook Wil violently. The teacher stopped coughing and Will looked at me with the same doefull eyes. "Did you hear that Raven and Riley?" The vampire, who was teaching looked over at us with red eyes. It was only then that I realized Will was using yet another alias. So.. What now? Will, Felix or Riley. Sades look over at him confused. Oh yes, I'd got him now. Sades and the gang had heard him introduce himself as Felix, oh he was done now. Sades elbowed me and I tried not to act too smug as I turned to answer her. "I thought he was called Felix?" He eyebrows seemed to be trying to dig into her eyes. I smiled.

"Yeah, he is." I turned to Will. "Isnt that right, Riley?" I smirked this time and it felt really good. But he smiled at me. A chuckle escaped his lips. "Yes. I had it changed. To Felix, from Riley. Its all thanks to my little baby as to how I kept it. You liked Felix didn't you, Raven?" He smiled darkly, and my jaw dropped. He used it against me. That bastard! I crssed my arms. Deterred by the fact of losing to such a mighty opponent. Why did I always end up with the hardest possible path to follow? I sat back and sent dirty looks to Will all lesson. He smiled absently, not even having the courtesy to look at me again. I needed a plan of action. I will win.

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