My Dark Heart

"My heart is heavy with all that has become, I can't see how I could cast aside all I held dear... It's almost as if he was never there, not even alive... But then, he isnt..."


6. His Bench.

I laid in my room, Sades snoring lightly in the bed on the other side. I watched her chest rise and fall and I examined the many posters of modern pop stars all over her side of the wall. I turned to my wall, eerily bare. I decided I couldn't sleep the day. Stretching, I stood up and peered under the blind. A flood of morning sunshine hit me. Not a student on the campus grounds. I guess it was going to take sometime to get used to this different way of life. Rubbing the irritated spot where my tracker had been, I shimmied out of my jammies, and slipped silently into some black skinnies, a simple t-shirt and pulled a hoodie on over myself, feeling the chill in the room. My hair frizzed and I flattened it as best I could, but then, none of these guys would wake till 9, and it was only 2pm. I sighed, not too loudly, and crept out of the room. I needed to think, get some air. There was so much to consider. I crept out of the girls dorm and shuffled out into the courtyard. I carried on walking till I found a solitary bench on the far side. It sat before a large statue of a moon. Half moon even. I sat on the bench and made sure it could take my weight. This area of the school seemed less active than the cleaner others. I found it the perfect place to relax my fried nerves. "He kissed me." I murmured out into the cold. My breath making little clouds of air before me. I felt myself shiver and I folded my arms inside my hoodie for warmth. "Who did?" I literally screamed.

"What the hell!?" I fell off the bench in my screaming and looked up with wide eyes. Will was sat on the bench. He smiled down at me and offered a hand to pull me up. Once I regained my sanity, I stared him head on. He only felt like another student to me, and here, sat next to me, even more so. "No need to scream. I suppose I'm not that scary." He folded his legs on the bench. He sat like I did when I was acting all innocent. "Will?" He pressed a finger to my lips, not that anyone would be awake, however, my screaming may have done damage. He chuckled and pulled it away. "I'm not here, I'm not Will... Who's Will?" He winked at me through his dark hair, and I could find myself becoming friends with this guy. "So...?" He shuffled a little closer, which took real effort considering his position. "What? And if you'r so set on being elusive, what the hell you doing out here?"

"I'm sorry. But you did appear to be sat in my usual thinking seat. I came to claim it back. And if it isn't too bold to ask, who kissed you?" He leaned in closer, whispering as the words escaped his mouth. His perfect, kissable... What am I talking about? "That's none of your business." He leaned a little closer, and was inches from my face. "Tell me." His voice was playful and childlike.


"Shh!" He clasped a hand over my mouth. "Why are you so loud Luce Pettifer?" Ewww.

"Dont't call me that Will." He grumbled.

"Only if you call me...Felix." He grinned at me, his eyes widened through his straight spiked of dark locks. Their black pools shone in the afternoon light and the glee he got from using an allias was plastered all over his face. For all I know, Will might not be his real name after all. Maybe another allias. I rolled my eyes at him. "So, Raven." He winked at me, a charming flirt and sarcasm was spread thickly in his voice. I could have melted right their. I realised he was still rather close to me and I pushed him lightly on the chest. His eyes glistened as he bit his lip, and pulled out some sort of bagged food from his jean pockets. He opened them noisily and chewed, one bite at a time. He watched me carefully as he ate.

"Spill." He didn't let his eyes loose mine though he continued to eat consistantly.

"Why should I tell you?" The words slipped and slurred a little as I spoke them. Which seemed wrong for such strong language I had imagined it to appear as. Will, or 'Felix' as I was to call him now, took my hand. He didn't come close to me, infact he held it at an arms length, as if it was plagued. "Because you my friend. Friends share secrets... Right?" I considered this. I hardly knew him, and he didn't even trust me with his real name so how could I trust him. But then again, Will/Felix wasn't going anywhere but into the shadows of Ravenwood so how could he spread them? "Alex." Like he'd know him anyway. Will's eyes widened in shock. He sat back into the bench. A wind whistled in the time he pondered over this thought. It wiped at my hair, knotting it. I pushed it behind my ear but it didnt help much. Will straightened out his legs and sat like a normal person. His arms flopped to his sides and the sun seemd to disappear into a flurry of darkened grey clouds. "Will?" I asked cautiously.

"I told you. Call me Felix." He looked at me. His face hard and was that hurt I saw? He stood up, threw his hands into his pockets and slumped away. "Wi- Felix!" I moved to followed, but as I did a mysterious bolt of lightening hit a tree. It's old weak wood snapped at the weight of the falling branch. I shouted for help, reaching for Will as he turned. His face full of horror, his eyes the darkest black I'd seen in them, his face pale and shallow, like he was ill. But he didn't move. A tear slipped out of his eyes, now completelty black. No white in them at all. The tear was red, like blood. Another snap and the branch came tumbling for me. I shielded my face, and waited for impact.

From nowhere I felt something snatch me at the waist and haulster me away from the debris of the shattered branch. I looked back at the spot I had been sat in. The bench was snapped in half and it was miraculous how the statue remained untouched. I could feel the heafty breathing and the equally heavy breathing of my saviour. I swung round to find myself in the arms of Alex. He lifted his head and smiled. "You're okay?" I nodded and tears dampened my face.

"You saved me Alex!" I flung myself at him and he caught my body. I wrapped my arms round his neck and he nestled his face in my hair. "Why didn't you move? I thought you was a vampire?" I bit my lip. He rubbed his thumb over it. Though it's true I could have moved, I'm no vampire. Why hadn't I moved? You was mesmerized by Will... I guess I had been. His blood tears, his eyes... Where had the weather come from aswell? The lightening was a singular bolt and only the clouds remained now, however they were threatening rain. "I'm... Not a vampire Alex." He looked confused at me. Then it hit him.

"No. You'r not. I'd have known from your blood." He spoke of it so lightly, yet it haunted my dreams. I let him steady me. "You really okay Luce?" I hit him on the chest. My hand shaking so it failed rather epicly. He grabbed my hand and held it to his chest. "I'm sorry, I meant Raven." He winked at me, and the rain fell. I glance over the where Will had been stood to find nothing there, he'd have left me if it wasn't for Alex. I frowned, I thought he was my friend.

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