My Dark Heart

"My heart is heavy with all that has become, I can't see how I could cast aside all I held dear... It's almost as if he was never there, not even alive... But then, he isnt..."


5. Friends.

I exited out through the doors I had entered through, to return back to the main office. I sighed feeling the lack of blood hanging over me. I headed over to the reception desk, to find Melissa sat behind it. A pair of slim framed glasses perched on her nose. Her long lushioud eyelashes bent against the glass as her eyes skitted from left to right, reading the screen infront of her. I had to clear my throat for her to hear me. She jumped when she realised I was there, and in a fluster she tried to make herself look busy. "Yes, yes?" I rubbed my arm anxiously. It still itched, but at least it didn't hurt no more. Then it hit me. I was a blind spot. Will and even maybe Alexandria couldn't track me like all the other students. And I thought moving to the Mourn would be a drag. Maybe I can have some fun yet. I smiled at the waiting assesor. "Errm, can I have my timetable?" I looked away as Melissa shifted through some papers.

"Here." She passed the sheet with my printed times on. "Remember! We sleep all day and work all night." I glanced down at the sheet, breifly taking in some of the classes, but focusing on the times. Classes begun at 9pm sharp, and finished at 4am. I guessed this was to protect their mass majority of vamp students. I licked my lips, aware my blood tolerance was draining. "What is it?" Melissa looked up. She smiled and I was pleased to see no fangs there. "Well, where is the canteen?" Melissa thought for a while and then directed me how to get there. "If you hurry, you'll catch your year's dinner." I nodded a thanks to her and headed out into the cold night. I felt for the time. I predicted that it was around 1am. I picked up the pace, aware I was slowly loosing myself.

I entered the mess hall and found an abundance of students, lining up in the queue and sitting in booths. I liked that. The booths, there was more privacy in them than on the open tables. I filed through the students and joined the back of the line. There was such variety in people here. But you could tell they weren't mortal. At least, most of them. I picked up a tray and scanned the food groups for some sort of blood stock. They had to have something. Most of the people here were vamps, including the teachers. I ran a hand through my hair when not a drop of red could be seen. I peered at the dinner lady on duty. I thought about asking her, and then decided against it. She seemed more mortal to me, and probably unaware of blood stocks anyway. Frustrated, and feeling the effects of the lack of blood dawning on me, I took my empty tray and sat in a booth on my own. I picked at the peeling plastic, unaware of the people that joined me until they cleared their throat. A short haired boy slipped into the opposite side of me, a beautifyl brunnette followed suit. Urgh, she was so perfect it nearly made me sick. "Hey, Raven is it?" I looked at the boy. He had his hair cut short to his head, but spiked up at the top, he seemed nice enough, but he looked more like a typical jock if anything. He had muscles and boy did he like showing them! He wore a shirt that was baggy and revealed all his best sides. He rested his hands on the table. I looked over at the brunnette. I think I envied her already. She had the perfect figure, perfect face, without bleamishes and boobs. Sades skipped over to our table and as much as I resented her excitement, I felt lonely without my only friend. "Hey! Yeah, Connor! I told you!" He chuckled. Connor(I presumed) smiled at me. The brunnette wasn't too pleased. "Ella, don't get jealous." He winked at her and she smiled at the attention. Sades curls bounced as she got over excited. Connor leaned on the table and kissed Ella, rather deeply. I averted my eyes and turned my attention to eager Sades. I smiled at her, but it was weak. I was about to drop any minute now.

"Raven... What are you?" Sades surprised me by coming straight out with it. I sighed, and leaned back in the seat, my head resting on the back of the booth. Ella and Connor stopped making out to listen in. "Well... I'm not really anything I guess. My mother was a vamp and my dad a mortal, so I'm stuck somewhere imbetween. I'm immortal, and need blood to survive, if anything I relate a lot to a vampire, which is quite..." I stopped as Ella crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows.

"Quite what Raven? If that's your real name." She pouted flawlessly.

"Quite... Interesting." I hoped I was convincing enough. She narrowed her eyes. Her voice was ringing in my ears and Sades started giving me headache. "Well I'm a vampire." Ella started the name game.

"And I'm a werewolf." Connor added. Huh. That's weird, aren't werewolves and vamps enemies?

"Then theres me, a shifter!" Sades over cheery voice was killing me. I let my head slam into the table. My eyelids dropped and I let them rest shut. I groaned as the pain set in. "Raven? Raven- Oh no not again!" Sades shook my shoulder, I just sighed as I accepted it. I doubted Ella would tell me where the blood was. I'd d'rather die here, than go all maniac and feed from someone. Yes, if that will be my fate, then so be it.

"What's wrong?" Connor seemed genuinely concerned.

"She needs blood. All vampires get like this, first she's the grouchy bitch, then she goes all evil. She'll have your throat out Sadie." I could almost see Sades frown through my close eyes. I heard a gasp besides me. Sades used my collapsed body as a prop to hold herself up. I should have known who it was, with the way Sades voice went all flirty and dreamy. "Oh hi..." She might have been drooling for all I knew.

"Hey, err, is she okay?" Alex. Dreamy, perfect, vampire Alex. He set his tray down on the table and touched my head, He pulled his hand away. "She's freezing."

"Yeah." Ella's tone was flat. "She needs blood." Something snapped and I was tempted to look, but my eyes were too reluctant to co-operate. Alex's voice turned dark and evil. "Why didn't you say in the first place? You should know a vampire needs blood!" Connor stood up in the booth.

"Leave her alone, scum!" Alex just laughed.

"Go fetch a bone." Connor growled. A deep, eerie sound. It seemed to come from his chest, but I couldn't see a thing. Like I said earlier, vamps and werewolves, sworn enemies. Sades shifted out of her seat, allowing Alex to collect me in his arms. She stopped him momentarily. "Look after her." Her voice was more normal than usual. I felt Alex nod. I wasn't scared of him, I was most scared at the growling werewolf behind. I knew their tempers were short, but it hadn't taken much to flare up Connor. Was Ella his mate? I felt Alex run at super speed. His vampire skills sending us to the blood stock in a matter of seconds.

Alex laid me down, but propped my back up with his arm. He passed a blood bag to me, but I was so unaware and unable to move, that it slipped through my fingers. Alex sighed, frustration laced into the noise. He ripped the bag open and parted my lips with his cold hands. The liquid entered my mouth and dripped down my throat, at first it was coppery, but soon the cold blood returned with it's usual taste. My eyes fluttered open and I snatched the bag from his hands, drinking it dry. I threw the bag away from me with disgust. I was still a monster, no matter how you looked at it. I felt my dulled senses, return to their natural state and my body seemed to glow with the satisfaction. It wasn't warm or fresh so it wasn't as good, but I was training my body to with hold from blood. And I certainly wasn't drinking from a human. It had been over a week since my last bag. I was proud. I found Alex sat opposite me. He ran a hand through his dark hair. "Well... How many times am I going to bump into you?" He smiled, his fangs beared from ripping the bag open for me. I bit my lip again. It was a bad move. "Ah." My lip cut and a bead of warm red blood appeared on it. Before I could try to wipe it away, I noticed Alex. His eyes changed from that beautiful blue to a burning red, and his jaw dropped. In a flash, he was ontop of me. I lay pinned to the ground by his strength. I fought against his grip but it just tightened. His fangs seemed more visible the closer he was, and they were fully extended now. Alex leant into me, and I closed my eyes. His lips brushed mine, as if tasting me. He lickd his lips. I looked up when I felt his hands stiffen. His eyes returned to the blue and his face forlorn with pain. He flung himself off of me, resting his head in his hands. I regained my limbs and touched my lip gently. The cut had healed from him just kissing me. He had kissed me. A vampire. But it's Alex...Hmm. I crawled over to him and sat on his lap. "Alex." He didn't even move. "Alex, please." I pulled his hands away, but his shaggy hair covered his face as he hung his head.

"Luce... Raven... I'm so sorry." He clasped my face in his cooling hands. His eyes drooped and he leaned towards me. His lips touched mine. I breathed in his scent, it was sweet and beautiful. Just like him. His hand trailed down to my waist and pulled me closer to him. I was already sat on him so  it seemed like too much. He was a vampire, and I hardly even knew him. I pushed him away. Alex stroked my hair. "Forgive me." I nodded and stood up. "Wait!" I turned round to him. He chucked a bag my way.

"Look after yourself Luce." I turned away. I'd kissed a vampire.

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