My Dark Heart

"My heart is heavy with all that has become, I can't see how I could cast aside all I held dear... It's almost as if he was never there, not even alive... But then, he isnt..."


10. Demons in the Classroom.

((A/N: Hey Guys! Haven't wrote in this for a looong while hehe ^^ Omfg. Just realised how much I'd changed this vampire story into something involving Lawliet -__-" I CANT HELP IT!! 


Anyways, hope your enjoying, it is rather fun to re-read old stories:)

Going to update this now. So...Yeh. HI!



I waited for Will to leave the room, and though he hesitated, he finally left. I huffed and puffed, filled with uncontrollable rage, as I was lead to my last class. I walked in and contemplated walking back out again. Will sat in his usual knot of legs and wide eyes. In fact, I had turned my back when Sades pushed me into the classroom backwards. I tripped as she barged her way past, I heard the muffled sound of a 'sorry' as I felt a slow motion moment come into play. As my body was falling, no hope of recovery now, I felt a strong arm catch my body. The forward button was pressed and life returned to natural speed, my hefty body slumping into my saviour's arms. 

"Huh?" I muffled as I looked over to the arms owner. But all gratitude I'd felt melted away when the face came into view. Will's wide eyes looked down concerned at me, his arm circling my upper waist line and holding me from the ground. How in high heaven he had reached me in time was a mystery to me. I stared back until I finally regained some sanity and returned to my feet. The class had fallen silent, watching as 'Felix' had saved me. I sighed and pushed him away. Whispers spurred amongst the crowds, many wondering how the dark boy had arrived at my side from the back of the class, others talking about what he had so annoying made up earlier about our 'kiss' and our 'relationship'. One can really come to hate Will. 

"You.. Okay?" He mumbled staring me out. 

"Yeah. Fine."I said coldly, taking a seat at the back of the class, Will and a shocked Sades following suit. I sighed again as I ran a hand through my loose hair. "Thank you. Felix." I said sending him a small smile.

"It's okay baby." He winked and chuckled at his own words. Though flat, he still managed to mock me successfully. 

"Shut up." 


"Because baby I aint your baby." I mocked him back, smiling to myself with content. Sades eyes widened and her eyebrows nearly disappeared into her curls. 

"So... You two are seeing then?" She said shyly. 


"Yep." Will spoke as I did and I recalled earlier. "Unless, your cheating on me with Alex." 

"What the fuck?' Me and Sades said at the same time.

"Ahh, so your seeing Alex!?" Sades chimed. That got us a couple of glares. 

"No!" I shouted. 

"Miss Carline? Mind exiting my classroom." What? I stared blankly at the teacher that arose from the front of the class. A beautiful young woman. Her appearance beyond rating. I simply listed her as yet another vamp. 

"B-but..." I began. Will looked over at the teacher through his messy spikes that clouded his face. His deep eyes staring into her. The teacher dropped her papers and began choking. She clutched at her slim pale throat with her fingers, her long nails dinting her flesh. I felt my mouth open in horror. This was only going to arise suspicion towards me. I slapped him. Hard. The teacher collapsed to the floor gulping in the air. Will didn't move. His hung head, covered by black hair, seemed to be reddening on one side. The whole class was watching us now. Whispers broke out again and I stared at my burning hand. Will lifted his head, his face completely pale again. His eyes, the complete black. I began to shuffle away but he stopped me. With his eyes. He cocked his head and I heard a voice drift through my head.

"I didn't want to do it myself." It spoke. I clutched at my tightening throat. No. 

"W-w-wi-ll-l" I spluttered, not having the sufficient air to speak. Will's eyes faded from the black, the inky colour returning to his pupil, yet it still clung to his irises, making his eyes their usual dark black hole. I felt the constriction on my throat lessen, just as a wooden stake pierced Will's stomach. 



"No!" I shouted as the wooden stake pierced through his clothes and then through his skin. Penetrating ((Don't laugh you dirty minded people!! >.<)) his stomach. I followed him as he fell to the floor. My fingers encircled the stake's handle and I was about to pull it out when I noticed not a single drop of blood stained Will's shirt. "Will?" I whispered as a gust of air hit me, the speed of a vampire. Alex stood over Will. His hands removing mine and releasing the stake from it's hold. Will's body naturally followed the stake as it left him, but his face held no pleasing to this staking. 

"You know, it's highly unfair to stake me in class." Will smirked. 

"You won't hurt her selfish Demon!" Alex sent the stake into him again and repeated I screamed at him as his final blow twisted into Will's gut. 

"No! Alex! Stop it!" I grabbed his shoulders, but he shrugged me off. Alex caught Will's shirt and pulled him face to face with the vampire. 

"Die." Will's lips murmured, a deep silky voice escaped and I wanted to get closer to him. What the fuck is happening!? Will's eyes swamped with the shadows again and Alex dropped the pale boy, clutching at his own stomach. The stake now driven through him. Deep red blood staining his shirt. 

"Will!" I flung myself at him, causing him to fall and the shadows the run from his eyes.

"Yes?" He asked nonchalantly. Alex removed the stake and sent the bloodied weapon to the floor. Will's arms pulled my body closer to his. "Finally." He smiled and kissed my cheek gently. The class stared in horror at the events that had unfolded before them. Will stood, pulling me with him. He held out his hand, and as the whole class stared at him, he made them forget it all. A snap of his slim pale fingers and the class lost consciousness. They were all asleep at their desks. 

"Y-you... You made them forget?" I asked in a hushed voice. 

"Yes, it's rather fun." A large grin graced Will's lips as he looped his arm around my waist and tugged me along.

"N-n-no-o..." Alex whimpered. I tried to tend to the vampire, but Will held me back.

"Don't worry Alex. I'll take good care of her." Will winked at him. "You'll heal soon enough. Maybe then, I'll kill you." My eyes widened and I fought against Will's snaking arms as he pulled me away. I reached back, and watched as Alex, defeated, fell back to the comfort of the floor.

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