My Mothers Boyfriend {One Direction}

She could get everything she wanted. All those things, girls at her age, would kill to own. That was the bonus of being Caroline Flack's daughter. But all she wanted, was that one curly haired boy, with the most amazing eyes. Her mother's boyfriend, Harry Styles.

UK: THIS IS THE ENGLISH VERSION OF ♥LifeOfADirectioner♥ 'S 'My Mothers Boyfriend. {One Direction}'

DK: DETTE ER DEN ENGELSKE VERSION AF ♥LifeOfADirectioner♥ 'S 'My Mothers Boyfriend. {One Direction}


7. The Meeting


I was speechless.

To me, nothing made any sense.

Of course, there had to be some explanation, but it was like nothing seemed to make sense.

117 questions flew around in my head, whilst I just stood and looked into Harry’s green eyes, which dragged me down and into them.

“Carrie, are you alright?” he asked again, in a soft voice.

I pressed me eyes closed and tried to focus. When he stood up and walked towards me, the panic started to show in my eyes. He slowly lay a hand on my shoulder, and made my body freeze. The last time his hand has been on my shoulder, was just before I kissed him. I wonder if he even thought about the kiss, like I do. A more relaxed smile showed on his lips, when I gave him a little smile.

“I’m fine” I said and got surprised of, how unsteady my voice sounded.

He raised an eyebrow and looked suspicious at me, but after a little while he sighed a bit and decided not talk more about it.

“Come” he smiled and took my hand. “I have someone I want you to meet”

Argh.. He was talking about Zayn, the boy who carried a completely-drunk-me home on his back, and not to mention, kissed me afterwards.

Five boy eyes looked at me, whilst we moved nearer the table. The light-haired boy fast stood up, and almost made the chair fall in his fast movement. He had a dark green cab on, which made his blue eyes light up the room.

“I’m Niall, and you must be... Caroline?” He said insecure. I could feel the heat in my cheeks and looked nervously away. He had a cute Irish accent, which fitted him perfectly, and he called me Caroline, so he knew my mom. I laughed shortly.

“Uhm.. No, my name is Carrie” I smiled.

Niall fast looked down, and a boy with brown hair started laughing at him.

Did he blush?

How cute!

“I just called her Carrie, you nut” giggled Harry and hit Niall’s shoulder in a friendly way.

“But my mom is Caroline, Caroline Flack” I added and gave him a little smile, whilst I desperately tried to avoid Zayn’s eyes, who only tried to get my attention.

His eyes annoyed me so incredibly much, and actually, I didn’t really knew why.

He just sat and looked at me, I could feel all the furiousness pumping around in my body.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer” I said coldly, whilst I looked hard at him.

In confusion he looked away, and pressed his teeth together.

Why was I so cold? I had been almost heartbroken, of the thought of never seeing him again. But now, when he sat right there, an arm length away, all I could do, was to be mean.

What the hell is wrong with you, Carrie?

A brown-haired boy jumped down to sit beside him and gave him a little clap on his shoulder.

“It’s just because he thinks, you are hot” he laughed and winked at me.

Hot? I bit myself hard in the lip, whilst I looked at the boy with brown hair and.. green eyes?

No, they were blue, right?

Holy shit, Carrie, don’t tell me you can’t tell colours from each other anymore!

This is just not your day at all.

“Carrie” I said, and pulled my hand out to a handshake.

In a moment he just looked at me with weird eyes, until he understood, what I was trying to do.

“Louis. I’m sorry, I haven’t said hi to you yet, but I just thought you knew, who I was, who we are” he answered, smiled a bit and answered my handshake.

“Should I know?”

He looked at me and pressed his lips together in a smile.

“So, you have never heard of us?” the boy behind me suddenly asked.

I turned around surprised and got my eyes on a tall brown-haired boy with completely dark brown eyes, which made me, think of chocolate.

“Did I frighten you? I’m so, so sorry. My name is Liam” he said with a big smile placed on his lips.

Liam, how cute!

A cute name to a sweet boy, and Liam really sounded like a sweet boy.

“And this, over here, is Zayn” Liam said with friendly eyes, and pointed at Zayn.

I slowly nodded and let my eyes roll over to his. Like yesterday, I felt like drowning in his eyes. Suddenly he stood up and disappeared through the door, whilst pulling his lighter out of his pocket.

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