My Mothers Boyfriend {One Direction}

She could get everything she wanted. All those things, girls at her age, would kill to own. That was the bonus of being Caroline Flack's daughter. But all she wanted, was that one curly haired boy, with the most amazing eyes. Her mother's boyfriend, Harry Styles.

UK: THIS IS THE ENGLISH VERSION OF ♥LifeOfADirectioner♥ 'S 'My Mothers Boyfriend. {One Direction}'

DK: DETTE ER DEN ENGELSKE VERSION AF ♥LifeOfADirectioner♥ 'S 'My Mothers Boyfriend. {One Direction}


4. The Anger


“You’re crying” he almost whispered, and looked at me with comforting eyes. He pulled his arm around me in a protective way, whilst he pulled me closer. I let a little sob out and hid my head in his shoulder, I could feel my body was shaking. But right now, everything seemed unimportant. I’m not sure, for how long we sat in each other’s arms, whilst he whispered comforting words in my ear. After a little while, he pulled me away from him. I let a little sigh out and couldn’t hide the disappointment in my eyes.

Couldn’t he see it? Couldn’t he se, how much he meant to me? All of sudden I felt the anger rush through my body, and I pressed my eyes together. From where the anger came from, I don’t know. Just a moment ago, I sat and cried, as I have never cried before, and now the anger was to feel everywhere in my body. Anger, because he didn’t felt the same way as me. I fast raise my body, and stood up. Harry jumped a little, because of the sudden fast movement, but that didn’t stop me. I walked over to him, and our eyes met. I took a take in his black ramone t-shirt, and felt the heat from his trained body. His eyes looked questioning at me, when I pulled his body towards the wall. For some reason, none of us said a word. I moved closer to him, and to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing. My body was thinking by itself, but I had no purpose of stopping it. The anger was still moving around inside me, when I moved myself closer to him. Our lips was now only few inches apart. His warm breath touched my cheek, and my stomach went crazy. This, was point of no return, at had to finish this. When I looked into Harry’s sparkling eyes, it felt like falling down in a wonderful, green, never-ending hole, and I didn’t notice, how they looked questioning at me, when I slowly let my finger touch the edge of his lips. He tried to move away, whilst he mumbled something, but I wasn’t going to let go of him. Instead, I pressed my lips to his. His body froze, and his soft lips didn’t move. He tried to push me away from him. He tried to pull himself away, but I stil didn’t want to let go.

“Carrie, stop! Are you listening? Carrie?” he mumbled towards my lips. Slowly, he pulled his head away from mine, but I grabbed his jaw, and moved it back, slowly but harder starting to kiss him again. I could feel how he started to stop pushing me away. He sighed a little, and started to kiss me back.

You’re asking me if I enjoyed it? I don’t really think I have to answer that question.

I smiled in the middle of the kiss, when he moved his hand around my neck. I knew, that I’d won. I sound from the door, made us jump fast away from each other. Fast I fixed my clothes, and so did Harry.

“Hello” my mother said happily. She was standing in the doorway, still wearing her white jacket and her high-heeled, black, leather boots. Harry was the only one answering her. Myself, was sitting strained in the chair, remembering the episode, only minutes ago. But why had I did it? Now I’m completely sure, never ever to be able to look my mother in the eyes anymore. Never. I stood up, fast, and walked, fast, to my room, ignoring Harry’s eyes on me. I had seen the hate in his eyes, and now, I was completely sure, that he’d never felt as me. I wouldn’t wonder if he hated me, actually, I’m pretty sure he did. I face-palmed myself. Idiot, Idiot, Idiot! Someone should trap you in a hole, you’re crazy! And not, in a positive way! I grumbled to myself. I sat on my bed and stared confusingly into nowhere. I wasn’t really feeling well. The feeling of throwing up was still there, and my head was spinning around. I was about to lay down, when my IPhone vibrated on the table. A text, from who?

I grabbed mu phone, and a little smile appeared on my lips.

“Ready for tonight beauty? We’re gonna rock this night! ^-^”


Holy shit, this girl is crazy! We was partying yesterday’s night, where we danced with hot boys, listened to hot music and was almost drowning in alcohol, where we afterwards was almost dying because we had the most horrible hang-over, and now, she was ready again! Maybe I should just stay home tonight. I felt too tired to go out today. But still, I didn’t hesitate, when my fingers ran over the letters.

“More than ready! See you in an hour:)” ##Carrie

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