My Mothers Boyfriend {One Direction}

She could get everything she wanted. All those things, girls at her age, would kill to own. That was the bonus of being Caroline Flack's daughter. But all she wanted, was that one curly haired boy, with the most amazing eyes. Her mother's boyfriend, Harry Styles.

UK: THIS IS THE ENGLISH VERSION OF ♥LifeOfADirectioner♥ 'S 'My Mothers Boyfriend. {One Direction}'

DK: DETTE ER DEN ENGELSKE VERSION AF ♥LifeOfADirectioner♥ 'S 'My Mothers Boyfriend. {One Direction}


10. Such a perv


I woke up next morning, nearly falling out of bed. Harry’s arms were still around me and felt protective. Carefully not to fall out of bed, I turned around in his warm arms, and moved a bit closer to him. He was still asleep, and I had absolutely no intentions on wakening him. Instead I let myself study him, his face, his curls and the way he looked perfect sleeping. Perfect, even when he slept.

Perfect and sweet, like chocolate!

Uhh.. I love chocolate.

I slowly let my fingers run through the curls right above his forehead, removing a curl, which had fell down in front of his eyes. Very slowly and careful, cause I didn’t want to wake him. He didn’t move, but was still laying completely still, with eyes closed and a beautiful smile on his lips, which made me smile. I let my fingers run through his curls again, and again, and again. Like I had done with Niall.

I wonder if he could feel it..

I wonder if that was why he smiled..

Well, you were allowed to dream, right? When you were a desperate seventeen year old in love. He slowly turned around on the back, making me move my hands away from him fast. The duvet had moved down, showing his perfect stomach and chest. With abs, of course.

Had he been sleeping without a blouse? Obviously. Stupid question.. but that was typical me.

“Oh, so here you are” a voice suddenly said, making me jump ten feet in the air. Well, not for real, that would’ve looked funny.

My eyes turned to Louis, who was standing in the door opening, with a pyjama on.

Shit he scared me!

Him and his weird behaviour.

He looked at me and rose his eyebrows a bit, before his eyes turned to Harry, who moved a bit. And out of nowhere, Louis put two and two together and got it in such a wrong way. If you could that, which he obviously could.

“Have you.. I mean, had you.. You know..” He started out and looked with big eyes, whilst his eyebrows rose even more.

I fast hit my forehead, to show how wrong he was.

No Louis, no.

I can’t believe he thought, that we.. You know.. Did something naughty.

Unfortunately Louis, unfortunately. What a perved mind I had right now, but I guess everyone has sometimes, at least when your name was Carrie and was.. Well, what other enjoyed calling Weird. Louis was weird.

Weird, weird, weird.

The only reason I had went to Harry’s room, was because Louis had scared me with his creepy zombie-stare.

It was actually his fault.

Not mine, never mine.

Louis bit his lip in a thoughtful way, probably trying to figure out, why I had gone to Harrys room, if it wasn’t to get some.

Dear Louis, you have so much to learn.

“You do know, you scare me, right?” I said in a serious way.

Louis switched his weight to the other foot, before he smiled calm at me.

“Scare you? How?” He said, slowly shrugging his shoulders, very slowly.

“With your zombie-stare!” I yelled frustrated and hit the air with my arms, so uncontrollably, that I hit Harry’s head.

Shit, control your spastic moves Carrie.

Harry turned around and scratched his perfect eyes, until they got use to the light.

Poor boy.

A giggle escaped Louis’ lips, which fast turned into a loud laugh, which seemed not to stop ever.

Was it really that funny? I mean, I could’ve hurt the poor boy with my crazy spastic moves, and then we had to call the ambulance, then my mom would found out about me, trying to steal his boyfriend, and that I lied to here, and THEN my life would be completely over.

And I would get wrinkles, get old and ugly and end up with thirty-five cats and die alone.

Okay, maybe I overreacted right now, but believe me. It would be the end of my life, if my mom ever figured what I was up to. You know, I had almost attacked his boyfriend and forced him to kiss me. If she hadn’t come home that day and surprised us, I don’t know how far we would’ve gone.

Maybe till we both were naked?

God Carrie, control your pervy thoughts before they completely take over your brain.


Yes, yell at me.

I deserve it.

“What are you doing here?” A shocked Harry said. I fast got out of my perved mind and got back to reality. Harry looked me deep in the eyes, which was completely full of confuse.

Agh.. That’s just so me. When I get insecure I either start thinking perved or start asking myself stupid questions. Yes, it’s stupid, but it’s just a bad habit. Bad, bad habit.

“I slept here” I answered rudely, as if it was obvious.

I completely regretted my rude tone, when Harry’s deep eyes got cold. He squeezed his eyes a bit closed and looked despairingly at me. His arms, which has been protectively around my all night, were now crossed, and his eyes slowly looked down my body. Down Louis’ black-white striped t-shirt - wich Louis of own free will had borrowed me yesterday, when we were about to sleep -  to my bare legs - which I must say, I’m pretty proud of, cause they were smooth and tanned. A tickling, fantastic feeling build up in my stomach, and made it twitch. His eyes caught mine again, and looked questioning into mine.

“It’s Louis fault” I said childish and pointed at Louis, who only reacted with a small shoulder-shrug, while he fought not to laugh. “Seriously, this night he made me think, I was in the scariest horror-movie ever, with his creepy zombie look”

That sentence made both Louis and Harry laugh, followed by a high-five to each other, which sounded loud in the room.

“Did I forget to tell you, that Louis is a sleep-walker?”


“Well… Yes, I think you did” I said, a bit annoyed, whilst I looked deep into Louis’ eyes, who just smiled big at me.

“Hey, what’s going on in here?” It sounded from the doorway. I looked at Niall, who stood casually leaning against the door frame with something black in his hand.

“Carrie, your mom has called” he said calm, and handed me my iPhone. My eyes turned big, when I grabbed out after it. Had they answered it and talked to my mom? If they had, I could kiss the earth good bye now. Fast and tensed I opened it and saw a text-message from Hannah and one unanswered call.


“Your mom said, that you’d slept at my place. What? :O”

## Hannah


BUSTED! I was so busted. Oh no, what if she already knew where I was? If so, I should start to look for a free place in the church yard.

“I should probably go home” I heard myself say.

Yeah, Carrie, that’s probably a good idea..

Niall looked at me, and looked quite a lot like a question mark. His blue eyes starred into mine and his mouth had a perfect shape of an ‘O’.


Well, so I can go home and look death in the eyes, cause my mom would probably kill me..

“Uhm, I think it’s best, cause’ my mom thought I slept at a girl friend’s house and I just kinda got busted” I said, which hadn’t been my intension.

“Bummer” Liam said. When did he enter? I hadn’t seen him walk in, had I?

“I can take you home” Zayn, who just popped up in the doorway, smiled.

He pulled his hand through his black hair, whilst his eyes were like glued to mine.

“As long as it isn’t on the back” I winked, whilst I ignored the boys questioning looks at us. Of course they had no clue, what we were talking about, but I wasn’t going to stop up to explain to them. They could find out later, or never.




“Are you still mad at me?” Zayn asked calmed, when we drove out the driveway. Luckily he hadn’t chosen to carry me on the back, as he did the night after the party, which made me calm down a bit.

“Well..-“ I sighed, whilst reconsidering his question. The night I met him, I had said to myself, that there was no way I could be mad at him. Which went out to be a total lie! Sure I could be mad at him, but was I mad at him right now?

“-No. But don’t you think I’ve forgiven you” I said with a harsh voice, which I didn’t meant to, at all. He smiled sneaky, a smile only Zayn could smile.  A smile, which made it tickle in my stomach and look away.

“Zayn, you have to turn here” I said, and assumed he would turn, but no.

Did he have a hearing problem?

“ZAYN YOU HAVE TO TURN NOW!” I yelled this time, but apparently, he was completely deaf.

He fast continued through the cross way, instead of listening to me.

“Why didn’t you turn?” I said and looked annoyed at him.

Finally I caught his attention, and I hadn’t even spoken particularly loud.

He looked at me and tried to hide the smile, which started to show on his lips.

“Because I didn’t want to” He answered like it was no big deal.


“No but! Let’s go to the cinema”


Wuhu! New chapter!

Hope you liked it!

I would really like to get some credit about my writing, not only good! It’s my first time translating a story, so I would like to hear, if it makes sense..

Oh, and one question!

Unanswered call, is that what it’s called In English? Help me out!

Much love. xx


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