My Mothers Boyfriend {One Direction}

She could get everything she wanted. All those things, girls at her age, would kill to own. That was the bonus of being Caroline Flack's daughter. But all she wanted, was that one curly haired boy, with the most amazing eyes. Her mother's boyfriend, Harry Styles.

UK: THIS IS THE ENGLISH VERSION OF ♥LifeOfADirectioner♥ 'S 'My Mothers Boyfriend. {One Direction}'

DK: DETTE ER DEN ENGELSKE VERSION AF ♥LifeOfADirectioner♥ 'S 'My Mothers Boyfriend. {One Direction}


2. Prolouge


I bet you think, that I have such a perfect and easy life, with Caroline Flack as my mother.

She can get me front-row tickets to every concert I can think of.

She buy the most expensive clothes to me, that kind of clothes you see in fashion magazines.

She almost never says no, when I ask her if I'm aloud to go out, or if I want something. To be honest, she’s the best mother on earth.

Even though, she sometimes can get quite annoying! Especially, when she is with her boyfriend.

One look and you’re sure.

He’s fantastic, with his curly hair and those sparkling green eyes.

No doubt, my mother fell in love with him.

And that’s exactly what my problem is.

I can’t watch them, being together.

My name is Carrie Flack, I’m seventeen years old and I’m in love with my mother’s boyfriend, Harry Styles. 

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