My Mothers Boyfriend {One Direction}

She could get everything she wanted. All those things, girls at her age, would kill to own. That was the bonus of being Caroline Flack's daughter. But all she wanted, was that one curly haired boy, with the most amazing eyes. Her mother's boyfriend, Harry Styles.

UK: THIS IS THE ENGLISH VERSION OF ♥LifeOfADirectioner♥ 'S 'My Mothers Boyfriend. {One Direction}'

DK: DETTE ER DEN ENGELSKE VERSION AF ♥LifeOfADirectioner♥ 'S 'My Mothers Boyfriend. {One Direction}


6. Job!


Harry’s P.O.V


“Harry, don’t you want any breakfast?” Liam asked me.

I let out a little sound, and scratched my eyes.

“Come on Harry, it’s important to eat” Niall reminded me, took his piece of bread and covering it in a big layer of Nutella, afterwards he took it all inside his mouth. I sighed, deeply, and looked in the direction of Louis, who sat with his iPhone in his hand, which lay on his legs. When the door shut up and a tired Zayn walked in and sat at the table, we all gave him our full attention.

His hair was sticking out in all possible directions, it was pretty obvious, that he had a hangover.

“Where were you yesterday’s night?” Liam asked and raised his eyebrows a bit.

“You look awful” Louis added laughing, before he turned his attention to the phone again.

Zayn raised his shoulders and let them fall again, before he sat beside me.

“At a club” he answered and pulled his hand through his hair, to try to control it a bit.

“Out and find some girls?” Niall guessed. Surprisingly enough, Zayn nod his head.

“Uh, who is she? Is she hot?” I asked.

A little smile appeared on Zayn’s lips, and Niall and Louis cheered and whistled at him.

“Well, did you do something?” Louis asked laughing and placed his cell phone on the table. With the use of the word ‘something’ it was pretty obvious, it wasn’t meant in an innocent way. Niall grinned a bit of Louis’ words, before he tool yet one more piece of bread, this time covering it with jam.

Zayn shook his head and scratched at the top of his head, whilst starring at the ground.

“But you wanted to” I added in a teasing way and clapped his shoulder. Annoyed, he pushed it away, but couldn’t control his mouth not to form a smile, which told us, that he definitely did.

“What’s her name?” Niall asked, trying not to lose any of the food inside his mouth. Zayn looked out in nothing, before he finally answered:

“Actually, I don’t know”


Carries P.O.V


What the hell is wrong with you, Carrie? You let a complete stranger follow you home, knowing, that there’s a chance he is a criminal or maybe psychic. And, on top of that, you let him kiss you. The chance of him being a perverse loner, who only wanted a girl, who could be his victim for the night, and you volunteered as a tribute, without thinking.

I turned around the next corner and sighed a little. Even though, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Zayn. He had been so nice to me, and his eyes were breath taking and so charming in the streetlight. And that look he gave me made my body shake and my heart run faster than a cheetah. But the chance of meeting him again, was really small. I stopped outside a McDonald’s. My mother thought I should do something reasonable, instead of sitting in my room and starring at my Mac Book or partying in the city.

And god, my mother went absolutely mad, when I arrived home, drunk. Actually, my mother wasn’t the yelling-type. She just spat the words out in an unpleasant way and told me to go straight to bed. And now, for some reason, she had this genius idea, that I should have a spare time job to use my days on, until the summer was over. I went to the queue in front of the cashier. A tall man told me to wait some minutes, and then offered me a glass of water. I wasn’t quite sure if I should ask or not, but I, at least hoped, I was doing the right thing. When a boy laughed loudly, I turned around and spotted a table in the corner. Five boys was placed around the table. And there he sat, right there, with his back turned towards me, but I was completely sure it was him. Zayn. At his side a light haired boy was sat and… Harry! I freezed and was just sanding with my mouth opened, and probably looked like an idiot.

Congratulations Carrie. Now you’ve for real gotten insane.

I just stood and looked at them, until a crunching sound towards the floor sounded, and I looked surprised down, where a broken glass was laying. All the five boys turned their attention towards me, and I could feel the blood running up to my head.

Beautiful Carrie!

I could feel, How Harry’s eyes pointed at me and his eyes was burning into mine. Zayn’s eyes went wide open and his mouth opened a bit, as if he would say something, but no sound came out of his mouth. He shut it again and bit his lip.

“Carrie, are you alright?”


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