My Mothers Boyfriend {One Direction}

She could get everything she wanted. All those things, girls at her age, would kill to own. That was the bonus of being Caroline Flack's daughter. But all she wanted, was that one curly haired boy, with the most amazing eyes. Her mother's boyfriend, Harry Styles.

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DK: DETTE ER DEN ENGELSKE VERSION AF ♥LifeOfADirectioner♥ 'S 'My Mothers Boyfriend. {One Direction}


8. Annoyance


What was his problem?

I knew, that I wasn’t treating him quite nice, and that I probably looked like an angry bitch to him, but what the hell was his problem?

Now, he stood there, with a cigarette in his hand, whilst my anger grow bigger and bigger.

“Just ignore Zayn. He’s probably just tired after a wild night yesterday” Harry interrupted my angry thoughts.

You don’t even know what you are talking about, I thought, whilst mentally rolling my eyes.

That night was like tattooed into my brain, even though I’d been quite drunk and probably not really fair.

He, on the other hand, had been kind and thoughtful. A guy, who only wished me the best, and what did I gave him back?

An impertinent girl, who wasn’t nice to him.

I should apologise to him. He deserved an apology. But I just couldn’t make myself do it.

Couldn’t make myself stand up and walk outside, through the door, where he stood, sit beside him and say.. What should I say?

That I didn’t meant to be like that?

That I felt sorry for him?

I knew it was completely ridiculous to think like that, but I just didn’t want to seem like a weak girl to him. Never!

The anger rushed around inside me, once again, until I felt a warm hand in mine. I looked up, and hoped to look into Harry’s worried eyes, but the eyes I saw, was far from Harry’s. Like yesterday, I drowned in those ridiculously attractive eyes.

Zayn gave my hand a little squeeze, whilst the memory’s from yesterday’s night made a little slide-show in front of my eyes, and made it feel.. almost magical.

Wait a second.. Zayn!

I fast looked down and pulled my hand back to myself.

Shit, shit, shit I swore inside my head, and face-palmed myself. Zayn’s sneaky smile made me sigh deeply.

Why hadn’t I seen him walk in?

Preoccupied, was a quite good word to describe me.

Harry looked surprised at me.

“Liam says, that you’ve never heard about us before?”

“Well, I haven’t” I mumbled and spread out my arms in a fast move.

A crunching sound sounded, followed by Zayn’s annoying laugh, which made me strain inside.

I didn’t even had to look to know I, once again, had pushed two more glasses on the floor.

Clumsy as I was, I looked to Harry and gave him a little smile, which only made him role eyes at me. Niall was a bit slow, and just now broke down in laughter, his wonderful laugh made me giggle a bit.

“Well, you probably need to come with us, so you can get some dry clothes” Harry sighed and smiled a bit, hinting to my white Chanel t-shirt, where the rest of a strawberry milkshake had made a big wet mark in the middle of the stomach. I pressed my lips together and nodded a bit, whilst studying the wet mark.

As I said earlier; today is just not my day..


“You can borrow this” Harry said and gave me a purple sweatshirt, with ‘JACK WILLS’ written across it with white letters.

“Okay” I answered and pulled the sweatshirt on, whilst forcing myself not to smile. It smelled like him and was way too big to me, but right now it didn’t really matter. Harry laughed a bit at me, and rolled the sleeves up.


I nodded smiling.

“Thanks” I answered, whilst I, a little bit insecure, pulled a tip of hair behind my ear and followed Harry into the living room.

Louis whistled at me, when we arrived into the room and made me blush.

Me, who usually never was insecure or shy. I hit his shoulder in a friendly way, and sat down beside Liam, with the beautiful chocolate eyes, on the sofa.

No, but seriously!

I could literally eat those eyes!

Niall arrived into the living room with the worst hat-hair I’ve seen in my entire life! His hair literally looked like a hay-stack. I broke into laughter and hid my face into Liam’s shoulder. And before I could even react, Niall had jumped on top of me and pressed shortly his warm lips onto my cheek, before he placed his head on my legs.

Even though I knew he’d only did it in fun, I couldn’t help but imagine his lips on mine.

No, enough Carrie!

A little annoyed, I pushed his head a bit, whilst he smirked at me.

He reminded me of a baby with those sparkling, blue eyes.

Laughing, I slowly pulled my hand through his light hair. My touch made him close his eyes and snuggle his head even more into my legs.


“Well, what can we do?” Louis almost shouted, before collapsing beside me, and unfortunately hit Niall, who reacted by growning.

“Actually, I should get home, my mom thinks I’m at a job interview” I sighed and, once again, pulled my hand through Niall’s thick hair.

“Are you leaving?”

Zayn was leaning in the doorway. His black eyes was staring into mine, and I controlled myself, so I wouldn’t say something inappropriate.

“Why are you even caring?” I snarled annoyed.

He just pulled his shoulders relaxed, and rolled eyes at me.


I pushed Niall’s head away from my legs and jumped off the sofa.

“What the hell is your problem?” I hissed right into his face,

The anger rushed around inside me, and I could feel it grow bigger and bigger.

I almost got tears in my eyes.

But he shouldn’t have the joy of seeing me cry.

I pressed my eyes together. All I wanted, was to get as far away from him as possible.


Fuck him!




I turned around, and slammed the door to the room behind me open.

I had to get away, and it couldn’t be fast enough.

Hard and fast I slammed the door, whilst the tears almost made me go blind. I forced my eyes together, so the tears wouldn’t find their way outside.


Fuck him!


Fuck everything!


I laid onto the bed and pulled my legs up under me, so I could hide me face in my knees. People like him, was people I couldn’t stand.

People, who’s mood changed like the weather. The night I met him, he had been nice and friendly. He’d made sure I came home, but now, it was like he enjoyed seeing me annoyed.  He had just been sitting, staring at me, not saying a word.

Who the hell did he think he was?

The door got slowly opened, and lazy as I was, I didn’t look up.

Please, be Harry, please..

But it wasn’t, and deep inside I knew it wouldn’t be.

You couldn’t go wrong on his voice. Like yesterday, it had a soft and relaxed sound.

“Are you mad?” the voice spoke, followed by a laugh.

A laugh, which annoyed me that much, that I had to squeeze my own hand, hard, whilst I forced myself to relax, even though I most of all wanted to freak out at him.

What had he expected?

Wasn’t the scene, about a minute ago, enough for him to understand, that I was mad.

Obviously, not.

The bed shook a bit, and I didn’t had to look, to know he placed himself beside me. Carefully he laid his arm around my shoulder, and I froze. My stomach was trembling of hate, and a little gasp escaped my lips.

“Let me be!” I hissed and tried to push him away.

He got hold of my hands and made them stop pushing.

Right now, I felt helpless.

“Let go of me Zayn. Now!” I hissed, whilst the tears rolled down my cheeks.

He forced me to lay down on the bed and laid himself on top of me, still with his hands around my poor wrists. His face came nearer to mine and I could feel his warm breath hit my face. His eyes stared endlessly into mine and studied my face, where the tears still streamed down my red cheeks. Carefully, he caressed them and removed a tear. A smile appeared on his lips and reached his eyes. He bend down, and let his lips touch mine in a gentle kiss.


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