That One Night

This is a poem for the 'Unfairly Accused' competition. The title says it all... Enjoy!


1. That One Night

It all started when I left the house,

Walking down the road that night,

Trees rustled overhead, swishing in the breeze,

No people in the neighbourhood in sight.


It all rushed by so quickly,

No time to think through my act,

But before you knew, I was running,

Running all the way back.


Running home was awfully hard,

When police sirens began to wail,

Zooming through the dark, dark streets,

After me, now sweating and pale.


I sat in the police office that dark, dark night,

Listening to the story play back at me,

How a burglary was happening in front of my eyes,

A criminal disappearing, I didn’t see.


Yet I seemed to get blamed for all of it,

The planning, the smashing, the ‘being there’,

I should have just stayed and waited,

But none of this really is fair.


I could have just told them it wasn’t me,

The fact that stuck in my head,

But I let them get away with it,

With nothing, heard or said.


I regret most of it all now,

Wishing I’d done what was right,

But I was lucky to have experienced it,

To have been there on that night.

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