Rune-Adventures is based in the online game of RuneScape!
The story takes place during the earlier years of RuneScape and are based on my experiences as a new player!

Hope you enjoy!


3. The City of Varrock!



“Would you like me to show you around?” Andy asked and I took a moment to look him over.

He wore a black tinted chain-mail and a black gold trimmed skirt. His hair was long and hung down past his ears. He seemed rather rich! If not a bit oddly dressed!

“If it’s no trouble!” I smiled.

“Not at all,” he paused and pulled out a long silver chain he had hanging around his neck and pointed to a small piece of flat steal hanging on it. 

It read: Rank~34

He smiled as he showed me and I blinked in amazement.

“Wow!” I said and he silently stored it back away hidden under his chain-mail.

“Would you like a Rank Tag too?” he asked, “I know where they are made.”

“Ooo, yes please!” I exclaimed, “but I’m new and don’t have a rank yet,” I said.

“That’s fine, all new adventures start out at rank 3.”

I smiled in excitement, “Can we go get my Tag now?”

“Well sure!” Andy laughed, “Come on, they are made here at the local black-smith,” he paused and eyed my outfit, “perhaps we can stop at a couple stores and see what we can get for you to wear.”

I looked down at myself feeling suddenly embarrassed!

Andy laughed, “You look fine, just very noobish!” he clamped his hand on my back in a playful manner, “There are a lot of people out here that would love nothing more than to take advantage of you! Believe me, you don’t want to advertise that you are an easy mark!”

I laughed nervously now eyeing the strange new world with a little caution!


“Here we go!” Andy exclaimed as he opened the door to a fine looking clothing shop, “Thessalia sells fine clothing for women!” he winked at me and then waved at the shop manager. “Hi, Thessalia! How’s business?”

“Why just fine, thank you, AndyTenn.” she smiled at him as she began to lay out some pink skirts and other dashing gear. “Come in, dear,” she motioned for me, “don’t be shy! Come take a look at my wears and see if there is anything you fancy.”

I felt the fabric laid out on the table in awe, “This pink skirt is so beautiful!” I exclaimed.

Thessalia smiled and Andy rolled his eyes.

“Does it have a top to go with it?” I asked eagerly.

Thessalia frowned suddenly not looking so sweet anymore! Andy gripped my arm and quickly backed us out of the building.

“Haha..ha!” he laughed over my head at the shop keeper, “She was just joking around, Thessalia!” now clear of the building he pulled me behind him as he did a number of quick bows to the fuming shop manager, “Umm, we will be back later on.. maybe, to umm buy... something!” he gave one last wave and then scooted us out of sight.

He turned me to face him and laughed nervously, “Sorry ‘bout that!” he scratched the back of his neck and smiled sheepishly, “Should of warned you, I guess, but Thessalia is always getting hounded to make a top for the pink skirt.” 

I frowned, “Well, why doesn’t she just make one?” I asked.

Andy lowered his voice and cautiously looked around to be sure no one was listening, “She isn’t permitted by the Counsel of Fees,” he explained.

“Counsel of Fees? What is that?”

“They are basically the rulers of all of Gielinor,” he said smiling slightly.

“Oh, kind of like a King?”

Andy chuckled, “Well we have a King here in Varrock.” He paused trying to think of a better way to explain it, “Ah, I know!” he smiled, “You remember the naming process, eh?” 

I nodded, after all it had just been a few hours ago!

“Well, the three brothers you met, they are considered Gielinor’s gods and they are pretty high on the pecking order of rule for this realm of RuneScape. Kings presiding over different towns are under them,” he paused, “Counselors of the Fees are above the gods... they are at the top of all rule!”

My head was spinning, “Wow, I’m confused!” 

Andy laughed, “That’s okay! All that matters now is that Thessalia is not permitted to make pink tops as those are considered privilege colors to be worn by people called ‘Members’.” he laughed and waved away my confusion, “There is plenty of time for you to learn all about that later!” He put an arm around my shoulders and led me off toward the black-smiths shop, “For now you should focus on some pure simple adventuring!”

I couldn’t help but smile and feel myself become more and more excited!

“Let’s go get that Ranking Tag for you and then I’ll leave you to some exploring on your own!” he chuckled and smiled fondly to himself, “Ahh, to be a noob again!”



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