Rune-Adventures is based in the online game of RuneScape!
The story takes place during the earlier years of RuneScape and are based on my experiences as a new player!

Hope you enjoy!


1. Prolog: Noobs Beginning



I stood in the line waiting nervously for my turn. I was finally on my way to becoming a full fledge Adventurer! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to begin.

“Mark!” the loud speaker echoed through the dimly lit hall. The man in front of me stood and I couldn’t help but stair at his massive arms.

“That’s me.” Mark stated his voice low and well fitted to his mass. I smiled shyly.

“Good luck!”

I watched as he made his way toward the door at the end of the hall, butterflies now flapping in my gut.


The name process. Probably one of the most important things to happen to an Adventurer! A beginner or better said a “noob” (such as myself) was presented to the gods and/or world counsels of Gielinor and was given their Adventurer name which would follow them the rest of their life. It was for this reason an amazing sounding name was very much wanted! I mean after all, no one wanted to be known as “Sir Poop” for the rest of his or her lives!


“Andrea!” the loud speakers blared making me jump. My nerves were on fire! I made my way down the hall toward the door with my heart in my throat, this was it for me!

CREEK* I opened the door and peered in timidly. There were three men seated behind an elegantly dressed desk looking at a pile of paper work. The room was very nicely lit and just so breathlessly beautiful I couldn’t help but gasp slightly. One of the men looked up and at me. His eyes narrowed.

“Well, are you going to come in or do you need a personal invitation?”

All three were looking at me now, and I laughed nervously as I stepped in and closed the door behind me.

“Be seated.” The man now motioned to a single chair facing the desk they sat behind. I quickly did as I was told.

There was silence for a moment as the three went back to eyeing the pile of paper work. I took the moment to evaluate the three men.


They were odd looking in their preference of clothing I noticed. There was one dressed in green robes, another dressed in blue and the other dressed in red. All of them had what appeared to be Party Hats atop their shaved heads, each with their matching color. I noticed suddenly that all three of them actually appeared very similar and looked to be triplets!


“All right, Andrea, let’s begin,” The man in green said. “My name is Guthix and this is Saradomin and Zamarock… my brothers.”

I waved my hand back and forth as I smiled nervously, “Nice to meet you all!” I half whispered, half yelled.

“What we need you to do, Andrea, is pick one of us to be your god,” Zamarock, the one in red said. “You need to pick carefully because you will have to be loyal to the god you pick… do you understand?”

I was nodding almost right away, “Yea,” I said scratching the back of my neck.


They were all blinking at me and I realized that they were waiting for me to decide right then and there.

“Oh! Ummm,” I started, “well, I guess I’ll go with…” I was looking each one over and then finally I pointed at the one in blue, “I’ll go with you,” I smiled, “Saradomin!”

Saradomin smiled very pleased with himself, the other two nodded and began shifting though papers apparently no longer caring that I was there.

“Welcome!” Saradomin said to me and I was suddenly filled with a warm feeling of love.

“Thanks,” I somewhat giggled.

“From this day forward, under the peaceful love of Saradomin, I name you…”

I held my breath.

“JUELZ LEXI, Adventurer!”

I gasped, but before I had much chance to let it sink in I was quickly shuffled out of the room and before I knew it I was standing just outside the massive stonewalls of Lumbridge castle.

“Wooah,” I exhaled.


I looked around in excitement, not sure if I was pleased with the name I was given or not. It was a decent name and I knew I could of ended up with something much worse! I decided that I liked it and would wear it proud!

I noticed then that I was holding a book in my left hand and holding it up I looked it over. 

It read: A Noobs Beginning.

I flipped it open and began shuffling though the pages. It seemed like a pretty basic Adventure manual with some pretty basic “do’s and don’ts” I smiled as I closed the book and held it tight against my chest. Now were to begin? I had never been outside of the castle walls as Lumbridge law prohibited it. Only Adventures were allowed to roam freely!

I sighed with a burden free spirit and looked around. It was time to explore my new surroundings! And so I headed north following a small stream up current, my bare feet skimming over the fresh green grass and my leather stitched trousers and blouse the only remnants from home and a pack on my back to store my finds! I was set to take on the world of RuneScape!


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