Rune-Adventures is based in the online game of RuneScape!
The story takes place during the earlier years of RuneScape and are based on my experiences as a new player!

Hope you enjoy!


2. Friend or Foe



“Hmmm,” I mumbled as I eyed the beginner’s map again. I held it up close then turned it around. I couldn’t really make out anything on the map… it just looked so confusing! Finally in disgust I rolled the map back up and proceeded to stick it in my pack.

“Guess maybe I should ask for some help…” I sighed as I looked around hoping to find someone who could maybe give me some clue as to where I was. It was then that I realized I seemed to be surrounded by Goblins! None of them seemed to care that I was there and were busy doing their own thing. I swallowed and then cautiously continued on my way north.

“Weird…” I mumbled. 

I hiked my pack higher up onto my back as I proceeded down a well-beaten dirt path. With nothing but the road ahead I began whistling a merry tune when suddenly I heard a bellow!

“HAHA!” came a shrilled voice and I ducked behind a tree. I could hear the clear sound of swordplay!

“Take that! Hahaha!”


I poked my head around and saw a large fenced in field. There were a lot of cows in the field I noticed, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

“Hello?” I called out cautiously.


I shrieked as whoever it had been was now behind me! 

“Who are you!?” I cried.

The man before me appeared well kept and was clad in some shiny iron armor. He had his long iron sword drawn and posed as if ready to attack me! His hair was green and wild with spikes.

“The name is Killerz,” he stated proudly. “What is your name, noob?”

I was in awe of him as he was the first adventure I had seen yet and he appeared to be a very high-ranking adventurer!

“My name is Juelz Lexi,” I smiled and thrust out my hand in hopes we could be friends.

Killerz stared at me a moment and then with a look as if obliging was bestowing on me a great honor he took my hand and we shook.

“Well, milady, how can I serve you?” he asked securing his weapon into its sheath. “I was just killing cows to build up my strength, but I can take a moment to help a newbling in distress.”

He certainly seemed full of himself!

“Well,” I said looking around, “I can’t figure out where I’m at.”

Killerz looked me up and down and then frowned. Pulling off his backpack he proceeded to sit awkwardly on the ground and rummage through it. 

“Take this,” he said pulling out a pair of slick leather boots, “You shouldn’t be bare-foot… you look so helpless without shoes on!”

I sat down as well and took the shoes gladly, “Thanks!” I smiled and then popped them on.

“Okay, now I suggest you follow this here dirt road and it will take you to a city called Varrock. It’s a large city and there will be lots of people there that can help you and maybe explain a few things to you.” He stood back up his armor clanging a bit, I followed suit. “Be warned,” he said slowly his eyes narrowed, “at the city gates there are black mages that will harm you if they get the chance! You may have to run as fast as you can past them or they will kill you!” he smiled suddenly leaving me to wonder if he was joking. 

“KK, take care!” he laughed and jumped over the fence back into the cow pen. He was gone before I had a chance to even thank him.


“Hmm, okay,” I said to myself. I stomped the dirt path with my now shoed foot and smiled, “Off to Varrock!


I followed the path to a small chicken farm and couldn’t help but peer in at the feathery fiends! There were bones littered about the ground with chicken feathers everywhere. Being hungry with no food I decided I’d take a look around for some chicken eggs! 

I peered around making sure I’d not be seen stealing and cautiously opened the gate.


“EEEEP!” I squealed and ducked behind the chicken cope.

“These are my bones, noob! Go find your own!”

I poked my head out and saw my assailant. I was immediately impressed! She was clad in something absolutely beautiful! On her feet she wore rainbow colored shoes and her head was adorned with elegant braids, but it was her dress that caught my eye!

“What a beautiful dress!” I exclaimed as I stepped out into the opening.

She frowned at me and proceeded to stab a near by chicken. It leaped and gave one last cluck before it fell to the ground dead. I watched in awe as she bent and plucked the feathers in one swift movement and retrieving the bones she discarded the carcass in a heap.

“The dress was a gift from the prince himself,” she stated proudly.

“The Prince?” I asked now eyeing the heap of chicken meat she had discarded.

“Yes, the Prince of the Frog realm…” She eyed me up and down and smirked somewhat devilish. “Isn’t it the purest white as you’ve ever seen?” she began running a hand over the curves of elegant white against her sides.

“It is beautiful,” I said still eyeing the meat.

“Only a select few ever get the chance to help the Frog Prince,” she said with a content smile. She paused and eyed me again, “Pity for you…”

I waved my hand in dismissal and bent to pick up an egg, “No worries, I’m sure some day I’ll be just as lucky!”

She glared at me, “Go on, noob and leave me alone now to collect my bones!”

“Can I have that chicken meat you discarded?” I asked pointing to the heap.

She eyed it for a moment and then bent to pick it up with a gleam in her eye, “No,” she hissed, “everything here is mine, now scram!”

I glared back and then quickly grabbing a handful of bones I leaped over the fence and took off down the road my heart pounding at the angry profanity chasing behind me!


Somehow I managed to out run her and had found refuge in a large potato field hiding behind a scarecrow. I watched from a distance as she angrily gave up and returned to her chicken cope. I sighed in relief and sitting down I eyed my loot.

4 chicken bones and 1 egg! 

I felt elated at my feat! Although the chicken meat would have been nice, the bones seemed to have more worth for some reason! Perhaps I could sell them for some food. I was feeling very overwhelmed!


I began once again following the dirt path north wondering what else would happen! The road led me to a split in the road and reading the slightly broken down road sign I took the North-West rout heading toward Varrock! I couldn’t wait to see this large city!


As I got closer to the city the more people I began to see! Mostly I saw Lumber-Jack adventures cutting away at trees. There were some adventures clad in armor that quickly zipped past me in what appeared a huge hurry. I couldn’t imagine where they were off to! 

I was like child in a chocolate shop; I was in such awe of everything! The Varrock castle walls could be seen in the distance and I was beyond myself in excitement!

So amazed in fact that I was unaware of the large bolt of blue fire heading toward me in blinding speed!

“LOOK OUT!” a distant voice yelled at me and in complete shock I stared at the ever-closer bolt of fire directed at me!


My feet began to move and I took off down the trail bee-lining toward the town gates.


I felt my Life Force next to depleted! 

I turned my head around just in time to see someone slash the dark mage to his death and as my feet stepped through the open gates I felt a wave of relief wash through me!

“Hey you!” the man who had warned me caught up a smile almost reaching his eyes. “That was close! You almost got wasted!”

I couldn’t imagine why he thought it was funny!

“Here,” he said rummaging through his pack and pulling out some cooked Trout he handed them to me, “This will heal your wounds fast.”

I took the fish and smiled my thanks, “I guess I owe you one.” I said still a little shaken up.

“Nah,” he said, “My names AndyTenn, but you can just call me Andy.”

“Juelz Lexi,” I smiled. Perhaps I had found my first friend!


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