The locket

The day I found It, that day put me to rights. That day, was the day of silver....


1. Prolouge

The snow crunched beneath the woman's feet, she held the hand of a little girl whos hair was blacker than midnight.


"Mummy, where are we going?"

"Somewhere special my darling, we're going some place special."


So as they walked together, the woman's eyes welled up with tears, the girl kept looking around, looking at the pure snow. They stopped and the woman bent down to the girl, she ripped a silver locket from her own neck.


"I want no more pain, just let me and my daughter rest, SET US FREE!!!!!!!!!" Thw oman howled.


The wind picked up and snow danced all around, the girl gripped her mothers hand and they walked into the darkness.


The locket lay in the snow, untouched and unseen, for many years.

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