The locket

The day I found It, that day put me to rights. That day, was the day of silver....


2. Collage

The cold metal bumped against my skin and my black hair fell around my shoulders, my woolly fox hat was stuck on my head firmly and my fox mittens were warming my fingers.


I opened the door and was swarmed by my friends,not, nobody came to greet me, every one was busy. At WolfCaster high, everybody had a right not to attened classes. So everybody was doing just that. Nothing new then.


My black hair shimmered under the new light, my heart seemed to flutter under the cold metal of my locket. I watched the students go past, everything seemed to be normal, except there was a new boy, his hair was a light blonde and he looked interesting.


But then a girl, taller and slinker than I was, strode up to him and kissed him on the cheek, I felt my cheeks burning and swiftly moved away...

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