Carrie has been dating Zayn for over a year and they are completely and utterly in love with each other. When things the night of their anniversary go too far it leaves them shocked, totally in love but in a terrible situation.


2. Work

ZAYNS POV: I held Carrie close into me, still not being able to believe last night. I can tell I love her when I run my fingers through her blonde locks and gaze into her blue eyes, she is beautiful. I kiss her and she kisses back, our lips locked in love again. I run my hands down her back as she runs her hands through my hair. I grasped her hand and lead her into the living room where we carried on passionately kissing and talking through the day. We could always waste days like this, spending time in each others company with not a care in the world. It's horrible to think I have work tomorrow. We have to stay in London recording for a week, not that I don't love my job, I will just miss her sorely. It's late into the afternoon before we think of lunch so I cook some pasta for an early dinner. 'I think I'll have an early night Carrie, before London' I say sadly. 'I understand, now go, I'll do the dishes' she replies, sarcastically rolling her eyes. We kiss once more and then I go to our room and strip down to my underwear, how will I cope without her? I get under the sheets and before I know it I'm fast asleep way before Carrie comes to join me later.
NEXT MORNING: I slide out of bed quietly and pull on my signature chinos and jock jacket for the recording, I'm late. I can hear the band bus outside so I quickly scribble Carrie a note. 'sorry I left early, didn't want to wake my princess! I will miss you, call you tonight! Love Zayn! :) xxxxxxx'. And I kissed her on the cheek and left. I can already not wait to be back with her. 
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