Carrie has been dating Zayn for over a year and they are completely and utterly in love with each other. When things the night of their anniversary go too far it leaves them shocked, totally in love but in a terrible situation.


1. Where it began..

CARRIE'S POV: Zayn and I celebrated out first year anniversary today, he took me out to a restaurant and then back to his apartment.  I can't comprehend how it happened but as the night went on we both found our selfs going a bit further than we thought. I admit things went too far but at the time our love for one another masked of perception of reality. Now we are lying here in his bed, im unable to say anything, overwhelmed.   'Carrie, I do love you' he says to me in his soft voice and leans over to kiss me. 'I know Zayn' I mutter, 'I love you too'. I wrap my arms around him and he strokes my cheek. It is past midnight and we lay there, I can feel his heart beating against the palm of my cold hand. I slowly drift to sleep guessing he would do the same. 
NEXT MORNING: I woke up in his arms and blushed, it felt so weird being beside him, a good kind of weird. I get up and collect my clothes, leaving Sleeping Beauty, Zayn, fast asleep under the silky sheets. I walked to the kitchen and prepared his favourite breakfast of pancakes and syrup. He must of smelt it because he came into the kitchen in his underwear and gave me a huge hug. 'stop it Zayn' I said as he went to kiss me. His eyes widend and he pulled his 'puppy dog face'. I grinned, 'aww Zayn, shhh, I'm making breakfast'. I popped the warm pancakes onto a plate and then turned around again and let him kiss me. I threw my hands around his neck and he picked me up swirling me around and sat me on the kitchen chair. 'Care for a pancake?' he said in a fake posh accent. I giggles and kissed his cheek. 'Yes please sir' I replied politely. We ate our pancakes and then got dressed for the day. I watched him slip on his shirt and jeans, I really did love him.. 
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