This is a new start

Emily live in California, when suddenly she has to move to London in a while, Because of Her dads job. Her new life start 3 weeks after in London. One day she bump into a boy, But not a ordinary boy! Its one of the One Direction boys!


6. I really didn't expected it

Harry's POV

There was something special about her. That's why I couldn't let her go. She was so naturally beautiful and she wasn't like other girls. She didn't even scream me in the face, from the first sight. I was still sitting on the grass and holding her arm to be sure that she wouldn't leave. I was in my own world and was thinking of Emily, when suddenly Emily tried to pull her arm away, cause I was still holding it. 

''Please, don't leave.'' I said to Emily.

''Sorry, but I have to.''

''Can't you just stay her a little bit longer?'' Emily looked weird at me, like I was crazy. She took a deep breath and sat down at the grass again, besides me.She didn't know what to say or to do. She was looking at the ground, while I was looking at her. I couldn't stop looking at her beautiful face. 

''So.. You're moved her to, or what?''

Emily looked up at me and said: ''Yeah, I just moved her to from San Francisco.''


''2 days ago.''


After that there were a awkward silence. Then Emily's phone called. She answered at talked to someone. It was her mom.

Emily's POV

Harry and me were sitting on the grass with a awkward silence. Then my phone called and I answered it. It was my mom. She told me that I had to get home soon. So I decided just to go home, cause there was a awkward silence. 

I said to Harry: ''Sorry, now I have to. Thanks for the smoothie, it was fun.''

Harry's face got surprised and sad and answered: ''Okay.''

''Bye.'' I said and was about to get up and leave. 

Then Harry stopped me again. ''Emily, before you leave can I get your number?''

I couldn't believe that Harry Styles from One Direction wanted my number and I had just met him. I was looking weird at him and didn't know what to answer. Should I give him my number or what? I didn't even know if I wanted to hang out with him again. Yeah, his Harry from One Direction, but I had just met him.


Harry could see that I didn't know what to answer. ''I know its weird. We've just met, but you seems to be a cool girl.''

''Okay?'' I answered and didn't know what to do with that.

''I want to hang out with you again.'' said Harry and got a big smile on his face.

When Harry said that I got a little smile, but tried to hide it.

''Oh.. Come on. I promise to call you back.'' he said and stopped smiling and tried to get eye contact with me. He got eye contact with and his smile got back on his face.

''Okay, how many times have you used that?'' I said and smiled back.

He started to giggle. I saw how he couldn't answer that question. 

''Why do you even want to hang out with me again? You don't even know me.''

He stopped smiling and was looking into my eyes. His eyes was frozen. Now it was him there didn't know what to say.

''... You're not like the other girls. You're beautiful and you smile..'' he was turning his head to the ground and got a big smile on his face.

''Okay.'' I said. I couldn't believe that Harry just said that about. 

''What?'' he said and looked like a big question.

''Promise to call back?''

''Yeah!'' he said and was looking really happy. He had the same big smile on his face, since his smile couldn't get any bigger.

I gave him a little paper with my number on. Harry hugged me goodbye, before I left.

Harry's POV

Finally, I got Emily's number. I took the paper with Emily's number on, into my back pocket in my pants. My phone called, it was Louis. I answered the phone.

''Hey, Harry.'' said Louis.


''Where are you?''

''In the park.''

''Oh god. Are you okay?'' said Louis nervously.

''Yeah.'' I said. I was thinking of Emily and got a big smile on.

''Okay, good. You coming over?''

''Yeah, I'm on my way.''

''Okay, bye.'' Louis said and hung up.

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