This is a new start

Emily live in California, when suddenly she has to move to London in a while, Because of Her dads job. Her new life start 3 weeks after in London. One day she bump into a boy, But not a ordinary boy! Its one of the One Direction boys!


5. I can't believe it

Emily's POV
I raised my head to see the face of the man, that had accidently bumped into me. The first thing was his T-shirt. He wore a plain dark blue T-shirt. He had brown hair and some blue green eyes. He was just standing there and looking on my clothes with smoothie on. I was standing there and tried to figure out where I  had seen him. He raised his head and we got eye contact. 

''I'm really sorry. I owe you a new smoothie.'' said the man.

''No, its okay. I just buy my self a new one.''

''Are you sure? Its my fault that your smoothie is all over you.''

''No, Im fine. Thanks.''

''But I want to buy you a new one.''

He took his hand on my bag and pushed me a little bit to the mall. I followed him. We got to the cafe, where i got my first smoothie. He bought me a smoothie to me and one to him self. We went to the park again and found a place with not that much of people around. We sat down at the grass and drank our smoothies.

''Why are we sitting here away from people?'' I asked.

''Oh, sorry. I just forgot. I'm Harry from One Direction, by the way''.

Now it all make sense. It was Harry Styles from One Direction. Why hadn't I figure that out before? My friends always talk about him and the other boys from One Direction. I couldn't believe it. I was in a park with Harry Styles from One Direction. My friends would wish they were me, if they knew. 

''... And you are..?''
''Oh sorry. I'm Emily Jones from San Francisco''

''Nice to meet you Emily from San Francisco''
I saw his big smile on his face. I giggled and smiled back.

''Nice to meet you too Harry from One Direction''
His smile got bigger. He took his hand forward me. I took his hand and shook it. He was starring at me with a big smile, but the only thing I could do was to smile at the ground.

''It was fun. Thank you for the smoothie.'' I said and was about to leave, when Harry suddenly took my arm and hold me back. 
''Why are you leaving already?'' He said and looked sad.

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