This is a new start

Emily live in California, when suddenly she has to move to London in a while, Because of Her dads job. Her new life start 3 weeks after in London. One day she bump into a boy, But not a ordinary boy! Its one of the One Direction boys!


3. Fist day, already tired

Emily's POV

My mom came early in to my room to wake me up, so I could get into the British time. I got dressed and went down to the kitchen, where my mom and dad were.My dad should put some food in the fridge, but my dad was so tired that he was stuck in the fridge and was nearly sleeping int he fridge.  My mom tried to make some breakfast to all of us, but it got to much, so our bacon got totally black and end up in the trash. So my mom decided it just to make some toast with some butter. I ate my toast and went up to my room. When I got up all I could do was directly fall in to my bed and sleep, very stupid of me. My mom came into my room an hour after and saw I was sleeping. She tried to wake med up, but was hard since I was very tired. My mom said that i had to unpack, then she went out of my room. I couldn't believe that I had to unpack more than 10 boxes and some bags full of clothes and some other stuff. I got up and took my computer and turned on some music. I started with a small box, with some of my drawings and hang them on my wall. The next was a box with some of my clothes. I put my jeans in a drawer and then some of my t-shirts in my closet. Some socks in another drawer and some dresses in my closet to. Then all my books in my bookcase. Before i knew it, the clock was 7am and time to eat, but i wasn't hungry at all. I went down to eat some food. After dinner I  went up to my room and changed clothes, cause i wanted to get out and see the place. I went down to the door and put my shoes on. I was walking around the neighborhood. After that I went to the park close to me. It was a pretty nice park, with some playgrounds to kids and some grass places with some benches on. Pretty nice. I could diffidently see my self spending much of time there. It actually seemed so nice here that I actually was looking for to start in school here and maybe get a little accent. The accent here sounds so fun and its pretty cool to say that you can do American accent and a British accent. The park was getting lonely as the weather got colder and darker and the moon was high on the sky. I looked at my watch and saw the clock was 9 pm, so I was getting home. The clock was a little bit over 10 when i was home. I went to the TV room where my mom and dad was. They said that i could take a piece of cake out in the kitchen, but all I wanted was go to bed. I said to my mom and dad that I didn't want the cake and my mom and dad looked very surprised out. My mom even thought that I was getting sick, cause I was out so late in the summer cold and properly also something to do with not much sleep lately, but I just didn't want the cake now cause all I wanted and need it was some sleep. My mom couldn't let go of me till I looked like someone who was dying.She let go of me and I went up to my room and changed clothes. I went to bed after I had brushed my teeth. And of cause and very typical, When you're finally ready to sleep, you can't. So I was just laying in my bed and was thinking of many things. It seemed so unreal that this was my new life. I'm really gonna miss my friends, but I hope I'll get some new one as soon as possible.

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