This is a new start

Emily live in California, when suddenly she has to move to London in a while, Because of Her dads job. Her new life start 3 weeks after in London. One day she bump into a boy, But not a ordinary boy! Its one of the One Direction boys!


2. Finally! London here I am

Emily's POV

It was nearly 05:30 in the morning. I was laying in my bed and tried to clear my head for all the things that's gonna happen today. We ere suppose to get a flight at 7am to London, one way tickets. It  all felt so unreal. One day you're a normal american school day and the day after you're gonna take a flight to London and you're gonna be a British school girl. I was in my own thoughts, when suddenly i heard knocks on by door. I didn't answer, cause i knew my mom would come in anyways. She quietly opened my door.
She stood in the doorway and said ''Emily, you have to get up. We're going to the airport soon, so your have to be ready very soon''. Then she got away from the doorway and closed the door.  

I'm so tired  because yesterday my friends hold  a farewell party for me to say good bye. So sweet of them. So last night (very late..) I couldn't sleep. I think its because of the that I'm not gonna see them in  a long time and cause of I knew I was going to move to London just under 24 hours. Okay I may feel a little happy for it. To see something else and get new friends. So that's why I'm tired and properly also cause its 05:30 am.

My mom and dad and I got ready. We called a taxi and got out to the airport. When we got to the airport there was really many people. The airport was so crowded it, that we nearly reached our flight, but as lucky as we were, we reached our flight at the right time. The flight took 9 hours or more, nearly 10 hours, and again, We were so lucky because we survived. Maybe one of the reasons was touch-screen and some sleep. When we finally got to the runway and into the airport, I was so hungry. Properly because I didn't ate my food from the flight. I really don't like it. I can't even explain the taste. When we got to the airport, I asked my  mom something to eat. We found some food and that was pretty much our dinner. When we were done we got out to get a taxi, to our new house my dad had bought for month ago to us. The house had 2 floors and a small basement. Hall, Kitchen, Dinner room, Tv room and a toilet down stairs. Up stairs was my mom and dads bedroom, My bedroom and a guest room and a bathroom. 

The whole house was already furnished. We did that before we came. So when we arrived the clock was nearly 12pm in UK time and 5pm in my time, so I had pretty much jet-lag and couldn't sleep. I went to my room to relax and put my stuff in my room. I wasn't tired at all, so I slept at 4:30 or 5 am in UK time.

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