This is a new start

Emily live in California, when suddenly she has to move to London in a while, Because of Her dads job. Her new life start 3 weeks after in London. One day she bump into a boy, But not a ordinary boy! Its one of the One Direction boys!


1. A Surprise. What now?

Emily's POV

I don't get it. How could mom and dad do that? Without talking to me at first or at least ask me if i want to. Now I have to leave everything, Because of mom and dad want to move to London instead of Chicago or LA, for a while. And that's what we were talking about at dinner. Now I'm laying on my bed. I consider to call my best friend Jessica, but on the other side, I'm not in the mood to talk with anybody right now and I'm feeling so lost. All i can do is to wait, wait 3 weeks then I live in England and have to start a new life there, the next 6 or more month. What am I gonna do tomorrow? Just go in school, tell everyone that I have to move to London. It ain't so easy as it sounds. I cant take the thought any more. My tears start streaming down my face. What if my last day at school are going to be a nightmare, cause of the whole school start hating me or something? What if don't fit in at the school in London? Or I don't get friends there cause of my american accent? Is it a bad or good thing if i get the accent? questions like that are making me crazy! I love my life the way it is right not, so its even harder to think about starting my life over.. again. 

The next morning I woke up 7:00am. I was feeling tired, even more tired that I normally does, properly because I cried so much last night. I was getting ready for school. When i was ready my mom drove me to school. In the car my mom started to start a conversation about moving to London. All i did was discrete put my headset in my ears, so I could escape from my mom. My mom stopped in front of the school. When I got out of my car, I saw Jessica and my second best friend Jade run against me to hug me. After I've said bye to my mom, Jessica, Jade and I went into our locker and get our English book. Then we went into the class room and we found a seat. All I waited for now, was the school clock to ring to class. Now nearly the whole class was here and i got more nervous. The school clock finally rang! The teacher came in and started to talk. I raised my hand. The teacher saw it and asked what i wanted to say, I asked if i could say something to the whole class. She said yes and asked if i could go up to her table. I walked up and said it. 

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