Runescape :-The World Of New Beginnings.

Fan Fiction of the the popular online game , Runescape. This was for a completion . I do not intend to keep this story running


2. The new beginning

I opened my eyes and looked around at this brand new world I was now a part of. There were trees all around me. All sizes and colours. This place was amazing. There were people running around with different armour on holding swords, shields, crossbows and axes. There were people chopping tree's and talking to one another and were they trolls! There are trolls! There were people slaying trolls. I stood there smiling at this land that I couldn't even describe. It was beautiful! It was everything I had always dreamed of. The wind blew through my black hair, and the smell. It was a smell that was so sweet. Sweet , sweet fresh air.Suddenly a man was stood in front of me wearing black plated armour. He has shoulder length hair and was holding a bronze sword. His eyes were a dull blue colour.

"Are you seriously going to be slaying dragons in your bed wear!" He chuckled. I just stood there , looking at him confused. He spoke with an accent that I had never heard before. He sounded quite old fashioned.

"Do you know where you are young un?" He asked a little to close for comfort. I stepped back. A little intimidated by how tall he was.

" I have no idea, but this place is fascinating and. . " I stopped and looked up at him as he awkwardly looked at me with a huge smile. Who was this guy? I certainly had never encountered him before.

"Your in Taveley my dear, come, let me show you around." He walked ahead of me and I quickly followed behind him, still looking around and all the people around me. This was amazing! My dreams really had come true. It was everything I had always dreamed of.He lead me up to a house that looked quite old fashioned. It had a big brown door with a gold handle on it.

"In there" He ordered with a booming, loud voice.I jumped back startled and quickly walked inside.To my surprise was a man, stood at a counter waiting for me. He also had a big welcoming grin on his face.

" Ahh Anna. I have been expecting you." He said. He was an old man with glasses just falling off his nose. He was wearing a white shirt and a brown apron covering it. His voice sounded quite hoarse, like he had been smoking way to many cigars. He went behind him and picked up something from the shelf. He turned around and handed me something. It was armour. It was black. It was cold on my hands. And heavy! In my whole life, I had never expected to be holding something I longed to have the most.

"Wh..why are you giving me this? I stuttered. I stood looking at the old man awkwardly as he looked at me standing there in my pink pajamers with pigs on. It must have been a hilarious site to see an 18 year old girl with messy hair in pajamers.He grinned When he smiled, it made me feel a little safer. After all, this was a place I didnt recognize.

"You must wear it Anna" He answered. He pointed to a small changing room in the corner of the shop. \It had a long red curtain draping down to the brown stained floor. The shop was full of different armour, helmets, shields and swords. It was truly amazing. It was like something you would see on television. I slowly walked to the changing room, pulling back the heavy curtain and stepped inside.

Once my armour was on I stepped out of the changing room to the the old man smiling and clapping at me. I still didn't know how he knew my name and I was to shocked to even ask. The armour was heavy, but it felt right having it on my body. I was so excited that the weight really didn't bother me.

"You look marvelous! A true hero" He said with a friendly smile. He looked me up and down. He came over to me, straightening my armour up and making sure it fitted. It did fit. It fitted perfectly.

" A hero?" I asked. The words I wanted to hear. Hero.

"Why yes Anna. Your wearing the most expensive and defensive armour in the whole of Taverly!"He said. I smiled to myself. I forgot that I was still holding my pajamers in my hands.

"Ill take them"The old man said and scooped my pajamers out of my hand and put them in a small bin next to his counter. My pajamers! My favorite pajamers!

"You wont be needing these Anna. You be needing this." He went behind his counter again and pulled out a massive, black sword. It was nearly bigger than me! I suddenly forgot all about  my pig pajamers.

"Is this mine?" I asked as he handed it over to me.It was so heavy that when he passed me it my hands dropped a couple of centimeters. I gripped the handle tightly, I didn't want to drop it.

"Of course Anna, now go. Sir Hardin is waiting!" He smiled and walked over to the door and opened it for me.I walked to the door, still holding the heavy sword. The guy that I had first encountered was still stood outside the shop. He looked at me with a glisten in his eyes. He looked me up and down.

"She looks great Mr Jones." He said. I looked at them both like they were mad. I had never met these people before and they have already got rid of my clothes in the matter of 10 minutes!

"Now Anna, I believe you are prepared for this battle. The dragon has been said to be living in the wilderness just north of here. I will show you the way but after that you are on your own young un." Said,who I believed was Sir Hardin. I nodded a little bit uneasy. I didn't take in what was said.

"But. . wait" I said as Sir Hardin began to walk away from me.

Was I hell prepared. Prepared  for slaying a dragon ? I was still to scared and to frightened to say anything. These people had swords. I was afraid If I had said no they would have cut off my head and set it as a mantle piece decoration. Sir Hardin began to walk up the path. There were people both sides chanting my name and clapping. Cheering and smiling.

What had I gotten myself in to? Where was the wilderness? I am not prepared for anything! I had no recollection of training for this! But I was still to afraid to say anything to Sir Hardin or anyone for that matter. I was living the dream. This is where I belonged. With trolls, dragons ,  swords and people just like me! This wasn't a dream, But it was certainly going to be my future.




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