Runescape :-The World Of New Beginnings.

Fan Fiction of the the popular online game , Runescape. This was for a completion . I do not intend to keep this story running


1. My thoughts and dreams

I lay in my bed staring up at the ceiling. I was so bored with being home all the time and having nothing to do. There has got to be somewhere out there where I could go and have fun, show the world what I am really capable of! I turned on to my left side so I was now staring at the window. The rain crashed against the glass, making shapes as the raindrops combined together and fell down the window. As the lightning struck it flashed up the whole room, making items of furniture look like dancing monsters as I lay there thinking about all the glorious places in the world that were soon to be found, by mankind. I sighed thinking about myself wielding a sword, or fighting off a fire breathing dragon down in a dungeon somewhere, shooting Minotaur's with my crossbow and arrows. I smiled in the dark. What an amazing thought! I wanted to become a hero! I rolled over on to my back.

""Queen, hero of the world!"I shouted excitedly in my bed, throwing my arms in to the air as if there was an audience applauding my accomplishments.

"Anna!Go to sleep!You have school in the morning!"Shouted my mother through the thin walls. I grumbled.

"If I was a hero there be no such thing as school. Only quests to find trolls, quests to find goblins and slay them where they stand. Treasure. Oh treasure to buy swords, shields and axes." I grinned like a small child on Christmas and tightly shut my eyes. I wanted to dream of a world of freedom. Where heroes could wander around villages slaying and finding sapphires and gems.And a place where heroes didn't have to go to school.

I woke up to an unfamiliar sound. It sounded quite faint and I was unable to make out what the sound was. There were no words to describe it. I slowly sat up in my bed and looked around my room. Then it caught my eye.

"Is that . . a portal" I said groggily, still unsure what the object was. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the object again. It was! My jaw dropped 

"Wow!" I said clambering out of bed in my pajamers and scurrying over to the massive hole in my wall. All  colours were forming inside it. Green, yellow , pink , red. All the colours you could think off. It was beautiful. I touched gently around the outside of the portal with my fingertips. This surely wasn't a dream. It couldn't have been. I could feel the edges of the portal underneath my fingers. This was real. I stepped back to take another look at the portal and smiled. Was this the place I had been dreaming of? Could I go in? What was behind this? All these thought were dancing in my head. I had only seen portals on games and television so was it possible to step in to a new world?

"I'm going in" I said. Without hesitation I walked in to the portal.The colours engulfing me as my vision went white.

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