Runescape: Once Hidden

Runescape Fan Fiction


2. To my surprise

The journey so far has been tiring, at one point I felt myself getting slowly exhausted from the distance I've travelled, but this ray of light is invigorating! I feel fresh and well rested. I make checks on myself before continuing. My blood red coloured armour plated boots have become dulled with the brown dust of the cave and the bottom of my black cape with red strips down the sides has become ripped and frayed from being scuffed and entangled among small rocks. My grey and brown chestplate, with spikes on the left shoulder and armoured tassets have a few minor scratches from a previous encounter with a huge black bear, which was using the cave opening as a shelter from the ongoing thunderstorm which had been lingering over all of Gielinor for weeks.

I feel comfortable now, knowing that I'm still in good condition to keep moving forward. I grasp my chaotic maul at the base with both hands, and give a ground shattering swing at the tiny hole where the light is emitting from. In a split second, the wall collapses in front of me, smothering the cave with light. Despite having the weight of my armour, I am still agile enough to climb over the debris left by the wall collapsing. I look up from the debris from what I just climbed over and the sight is overwhelming. To my surprise I emerge in a massive room, it's almost like a forgotten chamber.

Suddenly I feel pulses of energy beneath my feet, like ripples you would see in water when you cast out your fishing rod. These pulses are happening every 5-10 seconds, I've never felt anything like this before.

Something catches my eye in the centre of the room, from where I am stood it looks like a large rock on a pedestal, I waste no time in making my way towards it. With every step I get closer, I feel the intensity of the ripples getting more powerful and the amount of time between them is shortening. This...thing... must be the source of them...

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