Runescape: Once Hidden

Runescape Fan Fiction


1. The first glimpse

As I looked down, scraping the the dust and rock fragments off my heavy and blunt chaotic maul which I acquired from descending into the depths of Deamonheim, I caught a glimpse of light reflecting off the surface of this fine weapon. This is the first glimmer of light I have seen in a long time, I've been wandering in darkness, alone. The only sense of direction I had was grazing my fingertips along the jagged and sharp walls of this eerie cave up until now. Immediately I begin to look for this source of light, and what possible direction it could be coming from. It's still to dark to see even the brightest light. I carry on rubbing my worn fingertips across the wall, which seems to go on forever. I think to myself, "what have I gotten myself into this time", a saying which seems to get more and more familiar on every new adventure I embark on. While pondering to myself what possibilities I have, my index finger pierces an unusually soft surface embedded into the wall.

I peek down to look at my finger lodged within the wall at waist height, and to my surprise I can see the smallest rays of light appearing around it. I slowly remove my finger, the light gets brighter and brighter every millimetre my finger emerges from the crack in the wall. I give one almighty pull... the ray of light which appears is so overwhelming I can't help but pull my jet black hood over my eyes. A couple of seconds pass and my eyes adjust to the light allowing me to see the route I had just taken. Looking back was not an unfamiliar sight, an almost corridor formation within this cave, consisting of the jagged, rough walls and damp moss coated stalactites and stalagmites.

My attention is quickly drawn back to the ray of light, so piercing in the darkness which had once engulfed me, there is only one thing on my mind. I have to get to the source...

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