Runescape: Once Hidden

Runescape Fan Fiction


3. An old foe

Upon getting closer to this mysterious stone I notice it has rocky grey steps which lead up to it. It almost looks man made, but the interior of the cave seemed untouched, like there has been no life in here since the second age.

I find myself at the bottom of these steps, on inspection they don't seem harmful. I gaze up at this majestic looking stone, it's a perfect circle. The bottom half appears smooth where as the top half has small cuts through it dividing the top half into multiple hexagon shapes. The ripples underneath my feet have gotten so consistent it feels like the world around me is shaking. I peer at the stone again for one last time, it has a powerful aura coming off it with an orange tinted glow. I make my way up the steps, being cautious with every inch I move.

Step by step I get closer to this gracious stone until I find myself at the base. The stone must be around three times the height of me, but oddly I find myself drawn to it's mysterious power. I gently place my trusty maul at my feet, and reach out to touch this amazing artefact.

My hands lay contact on the stone! I feel surges of energy flowing through my body, I feel faster, stronger... empowered! As I feel the surges of energy die down throughout my body, I hear a very strange noise from behind me. I quickly reach for my maul and turn around, but as I turn there is another blinding light, this time it's about an arms length in front of me! I close my eyes for a second, and the light stops...

Upon opening my eyes, I see a massive human shaped figure stood within arms reach, except this figure was about twice or three times the size and height of a regular human. My eye level meets this figures waist, where I can see that it is wearing black, grey and burgundy coloured armoured robes, along with a staff that touches the ground. I gaze at the hilt of the staff, it's yellow star with a green circle within it. I've seen this staff before... then it comes back to me, It's the staff of Armadyl! This could only mean one thing... Lucien!

"So Nathxn, we meet again" The voice echoed.

I look up to see a disgusting skull face with a hood over the rest of it's head. My suspicions were correct, it's Lucien, the extremely powerful Mahjarrat!

"Lucien!" I tremble.

"Yes Nathxn, it is I. Once again you have assisted me in my reign of Gielinor without even realising it! First you foolishly handed me the staff of Armadyl, and now... you've led me right the way to the Stone of Jas! Mwhahaha!" Lucien's menacing laugh causes some small rocks to fall from ceiling

"I may have been foolish the last time Lucien, but not this time!" I scream as I lunge towards this being, maul in hand, with the power of the stone running through my veins.

I'm stopped in my tracks by an uncontrollable force...

"Foolish adventurer! Do you really think you can harm ME?! The great Lucien" He gloats, but his skull like face remains expressionless.

I know this is most certainly the end for me, I can't break free from this force restricting me to where I stand

"Your time will come Nathxn! But not today, you have been a crucial part in my plans, and the next ritual of the Mahjarrat will shortly be under way now that the Stone of Jas is in my possession! I bid you farewell adventurer, but I can be certain this is not the last time we shall meet...." Lucien says putting shivers down my spine.

"I WONT LET YOU GE--" before I could finish, the bright light appears again, the cave is shaking ferociously, and within a second, Lucien has vanished with the stone.

"I can't believe I let him get away" I sigh, regaining full control of my body again.

"I have to tell somebody! and quick!" I mumble to myself.

I rummage around in my backpack and finally stumble across 3 air runes, a water rune and a law rune, all small stone objects with different symbols on them, containing different powers. Thankfully this combination of runes is enough to teleport me to Falador, home of the white knights!. I don't hesitate and teleport right away and find myself in the court yard of the white knights castle.

"GET ME SIR TIFFY" I scream, "We don't have much time"...



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