My love, My life, My Harry. [English]

This Fan Fiction is about Silja Holm. She is on shopping in London with her bff Isabell. One day they lost each other in London, and it starts to rain.
Silja says to her self she is going to by a cola, and then go home to the hotel Isabell and her should meet each other in if they got lost from each other.
And it ends with that day turns out to be the best day of her life.


3. ''Uhm.. Yes.''


I stood and looked at Harry. And he looked at me. I blushed a lot but tried to sing with. He was with 4 other boys up on stage. They all sang together, and they were actually really hot.. After the concert was over Harry pulled me gently away from the other. And t he other 4 boys were interviewed while me and Harry talked.   ''Uhm .. I..'' He started the sentence slowly and placed him self closer to me. I could smell his ''One Million'' perfume and his breath smelled like strawberry. ''Just ..'' said I and then I putted my arms around him and kissed him gently on the mouth. He returned my kiss and we stood like that in short time. Then a camera said ''Click'' and a picture of us was taken. I just smiled and hugged him. He hugged again and then he looked seriously at me. ''Do you wanna be my girlfriend?'' asked he while interlaced our fingers gently together. ''Uhm .. Yes.'' I said and hugged him again. We just stood there .. Before we knew it more and more photographers came and took pictures of us. We smiled to them, and kissed a little bit. Then I looked at Isabell who stood and looked at us.. Harry poked me in the side and pointed at Isabell who stood and kissed with Zayn. I smiled and forgot the worst thing that could ever happen that time and place.. -Tomorrow should Isabell and I return from our shopping trip in London and take back to New York.
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