My love, My life, My Harry. [English]

This Fan Fiction is about Silja Holm. She is on shopping in London with her bff Isabell. One day they lost each other in London, and it starts to rain.
Silja says to her self she is going to by a cola, and then go home to the hotel Isabell and her should meet each other in if they got lost from each other.
And it ends with that day turns out to be the best day of her life.


1. ''Thats my cola!''


I walked around in the rain alone. People had started to go home, or in shops so they didn't get wet... There was only me alone. I looked around .. Looked after Isabell. But no sign of her .. Sad walked I into a small shop where you could buy food, alcohol, soft drinks, cigarettes .. Yes, everything you could need. T he man in the shop looked weird at me, but I just kept my head down and walked down to the cola. I grabbed a Cola but someone else's hand hit mine .. Without I knew it I shouted   ''THATS MY COLA!'' The boy who was on way to take the cola looked at me and smiled just. He let go of cola .. ''Oh, I'm sorry it was not ..'' More, did I not say before he took his finger up to my lips. ''I'm Harry Styles.'' Said the boy and smiled. I had heard the name before, but I did not know where.. ''I'm Silja Holm ..'' muttered I embarrassed and looked up at him. He just smiled .. ''Do you know who I am?'' asked he and looked at me with a charming glance. ''Uhm, no, I dont think so .. Wanna hang out some day?'' I asked him and blushed slightly .. ''Why not. Here is my number.'' He gave me a piece of paper. Quick, gave I him my number .. While I smiled with my stupid smile. But then I remembered Isabell! ''OH SHIT! I GOTTA GO!'' I ran fast my way on the way to the hotel where Isabell was. When I entered the hotel room she sat and looked at me like I was the dumbest bitch in the world. ''I HAVE BEEN SO WORRIED!'' Cried she after 5 minutes of silence and hugged me. I smiled and just said I had missed her. Quick I told her about Harry Styles. She looked at me like I was a dumb girl that didn't knowing what 2 +2 gave. ''What?'' I asked and nudged her. ''Your Mobile ..'' she said and stood up and threw it at me. '' Fuck you!'' Yelled I and giggled while she was going to the bathroom. ''Its Silja?'' I said in the phone. ''Yeah, hello .. Its Harry Styles.''
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