My love, My life, My Harry. [English]

This Fan Fiction is about Silja Holm. She is on shopping in London with her bff Isabell. One day they lost each other in London, and it starts to rain.
Silja says to her self she is going to by a cola, and then go home to the hotel Isabell and her should meet each other in if they got lost from each other.
And it ends with that day turns out to be the best day of her life.


2. ''Cause you got that one thing!''

''Um, hey Harry!'' Said I in the phone while I got up from bed.

''Uhm .. Can I invite you on a date?'' Muttered Harry put in the phone.

I stood there, stunned and looked around in the hotel room ..

''Hmm. Why not! When?'' I said with a happy voice while I had already put the phone on speaker so Isabell could hear it. And I was already looking for clothes for the perfect date! ''Tommorow?'' He said in the phone ..

I could hear his happy voice, and we agreed quick a time and place.  


At night.

 I lay and rolled around in my bed.

Isabell slept like a rock while I just lied there and thought about Harry.

''Harry .. Styles .. Harry Styles.. Mr.Styles.. The Harry Styles ..'' Muttered I.

''Bitch, I'm trying to sleep!'' Muttered Isabell with a giggle into her pillow.

I blushed and turned around so I could see her bed.

''Isabell? When I told about Harry Styles .. So it looked like you .. Yes .. Knew him you know ..'' muttered I embarrassed and looked at her with a weird smile.

''Honey, I think it's best you find out by your self, or get him to say it by him self.'' Said she and looked on her mobile too see the time.

'' First 0. .2 .. 3. NOW IS THE 03:00! (At night)'' Smiled she got up and went to our hotel room's phone.

She picked up the phone and called room service.

''2 big burgers, 4 french fries, and 2 Colas please.''

She said and looked at me. I giggled and just took my iPhone up.

I went into the messages and found my conversation with Harry .. There was only one heart from Harry. Longer was the conversation not ..  

I received a text message just in it I had to turn my iPhone .. It was from Harry ..  '

'Cause, you've got som one thing<3''

I blushed and very quick I answered him back with  a text message where there stood: 

'' Aww .. <3''

And turned off  my iPhone. After 20 minutes came our ordered food (finally) and Isabell and I enjoyed all night with food, and so we had a nice night. Oh and I bought Titanic earlier that day so we saw that.  


The next day, 12 o'clock (day):


 ''Isa, I'm about to go down in the city. Are you gonna join me?'' I said while I pulled my jacket on slowly.

'' HMM ..'' muttered she looked at some site that is/was called twitter .. She stood up after 1 minute and then we went down in the city..

After having gone a while Isabell said she would go and see some boys called

'' One Direction''.

When we found them I looked down the first while. But then I looked up.

''Cause you got that one thing.'' Song Harry as he looked at me.

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