My love, My life, My Harry. [English]

This Fan Fiction is about Silja Holm. She is on shopping in London with her bff Isabell. One day they lost each other in London, and it starts to rain.
Silja says to her self she is going to by a cola, and then go home to the hotel Isabell and her should meet each other in if they got lost from each other.
And it ends with that day turns out to be the best day of her life.


4. ''Bye..''

After the concert we walked a little bit around in London. Just me, Harry, Zayn and Isabell. 

It was nice and we talked a lot about different things.


Zayn and Isabell walked in front of us and talked low while the fingers interlaced.

And sometimes came a little kiss ..

Meanwhile walked me and Harry just behind them with our fingers interlaced.

''Harry?'' asked I later while we set and ate a delicious chocolate ice cream.

''Yes honey?'' He said as he looked at me.

''Me and Isabell need to go back to Denmark again.''

I said while tears came slowly.

I could see a little smile on Harry's lips as he said it was okay, and we would find out what we should do.


At the airport.  


I stood with my suitcase in my hand while I stood and looking at Isabell and Zayn there stood and hugged, kissed and talk about how much they would miss each other.

And I? Yes, I was just waiting for Harry to come on a white horse and kiss me and say goodbye sweetie.

Just when I thought and hoped for, he would come and say goodbye.. He came running with a bunch of Directioners  behind him.

I was surprised but also happy.

Quick I ran towards to him and jumped directly into embraced him.

All stood still for 5 seconds, and then began to sound flash sounds from cameras.

''I love you so much, I'll think on you every day, every night, every minute ..'' I said while I was crying.

''Aww, I love you. I'm gonna text you so soon I get my again mobile.'' He said as he kissed me.

How could I survive without him?

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