The key to an apple

When tintin and snowy go to the market one tuesday afternoon they come across a mysterious girl stealing an apple?
In this story tintin, snowy and this mysterious girl go on an adventure trying to find a key to unlock an apple.

Will they find it and will tintin also find love?


2. Why steal an apple?

Not even bothering to help the merchant clean up, tintin ran after her. But by the time he had reached the alleyway, she was gone. Suddenly, a hand grabbed his shoulder, turned him round and pushed him up the wall. " why are you following me" said the stranger. Tintin recognized the voice to belong to the girl he had been chasing. The girl couldnt ask anymore questions, as snowy was barking at her quite aggressively. She then let go of tintin and took a step back. "snowy, quiet!" yelled tintin. "I was following you because you robbed that merchant back there and I was wondering why?" he added."I wasn't stealing it. I was about to buy it until that stupid merchant started yelling at me before I could even get my money out" she yelled. Tintin could tell she was angry at his question. "so why run away. With the apple aswell?". "it wasn't just an apple" she stuttered. "what do you mean it wasn't just an apple?". He replied in confusion. "I mean it has... Qualities". She replied. " and I can't say anymore than that" she added.

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