The key to an apple

When tintin and snowy go to the market one tuesday afternoon they come across a mysterious girl stealing an apple?
In this story tintin, snowy and this mysterious girl go on an adventure trying to find a key to unlock an apple.

Will they find it and will tintin also find love?


4. Why does it hurt?

We carried on running, not daring to look back. We knew they were still following us, the amount of gun fire gave that away.
"what do you mean 'old friend'? Tintin yelled across to her. "you want to know that now. Given out certain situation I would rather wait till the mad guys with guns have stopped chased us!" she yelled back.

Suddenly, a bullet hit arianna, causing her to tumble a bit. "are you aright?" asked tintin. "I'm fine" she replied. But she wasn't. The amount of blood lost from ariannas body was taking affect. She collapsed to the floor; tintin caught her before she hit solid ground.

The blood loss was playing with her mind. She felt dizzy, tired and sick all at once. She couldn't keep her eyes open much longer. Her eyelids were getting heavier and the last thing she remembered seeing was tintin, snowy and a car door opening.

Sorry for it being short. I have been really busy with studying and school work. I will update soon. Please leave your comments below. I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions :)
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