The key to an apple

When tintin and snowy go to the market one tuesday afternoon they come across a mysterious girl stealing an apple?
In this story tintin, snowy and this mysterious girl go on an adventure trying to find a key to unlock an apple.

Will they find it and will tintin also find love?


3. who is this stranger?

Tintin didnt understand how an apple could have qualities, although why would she go through so much trouble to steal it if didnt?

"why cant you tell me anymore?" tintin asked. "you havent earned my trust yet", she replied in a very serious voice. Confused none the less, tintin bowed his head and introduced himself. "Well then, my name is TinTin, and this is snowy", he said pointing down at the fluffy, white scotty dog.

The girl looked at him very oddly, as if sizing him up. Eventually she introduced herself. "my name is Arianna, no pets and no relatives".

"well it is a..." began tintin. But before he could say another word, guns were being fired. "Uh Oh" screamed arianna. she grabbed tintins hand and pulled him down the alley way. Turning round everycorner that came into contact. "who are those men?" tintin yelled. "would you believe me if i said old friends".

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