The key to an apple

When tintin and snowy go to the market one tuesday afternoon they come across a mysterious girl stealing an apple?
In this story tintin, snowy and this mysterious girl go on an adventure trying to find a key to unlock an apple.

Will they find it and will tintin also find love?


1. The meet but no greet

It was a fine summers day that afternoon in london and from his window, tintin could see the stagemanager putting up a poster advertising the summers new production. Now since tintin loved the theatre and had nothing better to do, he called snowy and left his apartment for the theatre. The streets were lively and full of chatter and piano playing somewhere down the street. Everything was pleasant until he reached the theatre. When tintin reached the theatre, he heared yelling coming from a near by fruit stand. "i was not stealing it" came the voice of a girl. " and even if i was, its just an apple" she added. "just an apple!" came the voice of the angry merchant. " what do think these things grow on trees?". Tintin, having heard all he needed to hear, decided to investigate the scene of the petty crime. When he got there he saw 'thompson' and 'thompson' there trying to break up the argument. ( not doing a very good job of it he might add) Suddenly an apple, pear, and basically the entire contents of the fruit stand were in the air. A girl with cherry brown hair, porcelain white skin and glowing brown eyes was running off round the corner of an old bank.

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