My Life as I Know It

Chey is a girl who is a fan of One Direction but is losing faith in her heros. she just wants to fufill her dream of 1.) being famous and 2.) meeting the boys. things look dull for her.... or so she thinks.


12. Shocking News.

"Hey I was wondering... Would you like to be my girlfriend?" He said out of nowhere. I looked up to see who he was talking to. He was talking to me.
"What?" I said confused. Did I hear him right?
"Will... You.... Go Out.... With... Me?" He said being a smartass. I didnt know what to say. Yes or No? Ive only been with them for a week and a half. But I do like Niall.
"Yes!" I said. He opened his arms and I ran to him and hugged him. He kissed me again. This time it was longer. We backed up til th back of my legs hit the bed. He pushed me down onto the bed and climbed on me. He started to kiss my jaw line and down to my neck. I made a little groan put of pleasure. He started to take my shirt off. I let him and I took off his. He continue kissing my collar. It felt so good that I couldnt help but moan again. I felt him smile. There was a loud knock at the door. We stopped.
"Who is it?" I yelled while putting my shirt back on. Niall did the same.
"Its Mary. Chey I have to talk to you." She said. She sounded excited.
"Come in." I said making sure I was presentable. Niall walked to the door and opened it to let her in.
"Hey Niall... Whats up?" she said passing him.
"Nothing much." Niall said leaving. He smiled and waved goodbye and walked down the hallway.
"Ok so what do we need to talk about?" I asked anxious to get back to Niall.
"What?!? When??!?" I asked. That was so cute.
"Like just now!" She said. She was litteraly jumping up and down.
"Niall just asked me out too. Not even too long ago." I said smiling. We were both very happy. Another knock came to my door.
"Yea?" I said. The door opened and Niall walked back in.
"Me and the boys want to know if you would like to go out to dinner?" he said smiling suductively at me.
"Yea sure." I said. "But we have to go shopping first. Niall threw me his credit card.
"I cant use your money....?" I said looking at him.
"You can and will..." He said. Me and Mary left the house and went to the mall and got us some dresses. Mary got the traditional Red Short dress and I got the Traditional Blue short dress. We then headed back and got changed. Wait until they see us.
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