My Life as I Know It

Chey is a girl who is a fan of One Direction but is losing faith in her heros. she just wants to fufill her dream of 1.) being famous and 2.) meeting the boys. things look dull for her.... or so she thinks.


17. Poor Chey, Poor Niall.

Mary's POV:

I woke up to Louis's flawless face staring at me with his cute eyes. He smiled at me realizing I was awake.
"Good morning love." He said smiley and cheekily. I kissed him and went to get up.
"Wait!!" He yelled. I looked at him.
"What Boo?" I said confused. He looked at me with pouty eyes.
"Dont go yet. I wanna stay here with you, just for a little while longer." He said.
"Boo!!! Im hungry!! I wanna eat." I said getting up. "Ill be back in a little bit." and then I left the room. I went to the kitchen and got a bowl of cereal. I saw Niall walk into the room and get water.
"Whats up Nialler?" I asked. He looked very worried. I was supicious.
"Chey is just feeling a little bad today. She needs some asprin, thats all." He looked at me with a wierd look, he then mouthed 'I will tell you later' and he left down the hall.

Niall's POV:

Shit.. I cant tell Mary what happened. She will kill me if she finds out I did this to Chey. I guess ill just have to tell her but not now, later. Man, I knew we should have waited. We should've.

Mary's POV:

I was sitting there enjoying my cereal, when all of a sudden I hear Chey yell from her room. I dropped my spoon and ran down the hall. Im guessig I wasnt the only one that heard it because Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn ran there too. I pushed through and saw Chey on the floor. She was in a ball. Niall came and picked her up, or at least tried. I turned around and pushed all the boys put exept Niall. I closed the door and locked it. I turned around and watched as Niall put her back in her bed. She passed out from the pain Im geussing.
"Ok someone better explain this." I said waving my hands towards Chey.
"Its a long and detailed story." Niall said. I didnt know wether he was being funny or serious.
"Your lucky, I got time. Explain NOW!" He looked at the ground. Then he spoke.
"We kinda did things last night... And It was her first and I tried to go gentle but It was hard to be. I feel so stupid. We shouldve waited." He said. He leaned up against the wall and started to sob.
"I couldnt control myself. I shouldve stopped when she dug her nail into my back." He put his head in his hands. He was really worked up about it. Did he really feel bad for causing her pain?
"It's Ok Nialler. I bet she isnt mad, she probably enjoyed it. Just wait until she is better before you sleep with her or have anymore sex." I said putting my hand on his shoulder. I think he was mostly afraid of me. Poor Chey, and poor Niall.
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