My Life as I Know It

Chey is a girl who is a fan of One Direction but is losing faith in her heros. she just wants to fufill her dream of 1.) being famous and 2.) meeting the boys. things look dull for her.... or so she thinks.


7. Moving On

The crowd was silent. I was sweating because of the lights. I knew Mary was too. She was brave, doing what she did took guts and that I'm greatful for. The crowd started cheering and clapping.

"Whats going on?" I mouthed to Mars. "I dont know." She mouthed back. the judges sat there. There was a girl who was very pretty. I knew who she was but couldnt put my finger on her name. There was a man. He looked like a total snob. I could tell I didnt like him. Then there was Simon Cowell. He was staring at us intently. Finnaly Simon spoke up. "Phenomenal. Just phenomenal both of you!" He said with a big smile. The pretty girl said she loved how we worked together even when one of us least expected it. But the other guy. I was totaly right about him. He was a total asshole. "My cat could do better." He said lookong at his finger nails. (CHEY: ok do I have permission to jump off the stage and bitch slap this mother fucker?? CREATOR: No... CHEY: b-but... CREATOR: NO!!! Its my story so shhhhhh.) I just wanted to shove his cat down his throat and he if could sing better. So all togethr we had 2 YES's and 1 stupid ass NO. We were going to the next round! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We ran off stage and to the back of the curtain. Niall picked me up in a giant bear hug. I was crying with joy. When Niall saw he put me down and rubbed my back. "You did good." He said. I looked at him. He smiled. He pulled me into a hug. Mary was just as excited, I looked over and I saw Louis kiss her... ON THE LIPS!! Right there in front of every one. All of our jaws dropped. What a great day. Time to go but its only 5:30. Celebration night!

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