My Life as I Know It

Chey is a girl who is a fan of One Direction but is losing faith in her heros. she just wants to fufill her dream of 1.) being famous and 2.) meeting the boys. things look dull for her.... or so she thinks.


4. Friends, Gotta Love Them.

I woke up still in the room I fell asleep in. Nobody was around. I sat up and put my glasses.
"Maybe it was a dream." I said. All of a sudden an intercom comes on.
"It was not a dream love." It says. I knew that voice. It was Zayns voice. I stood up and fixed my dress.
"You look fine, come to the stage." It said scaring me. Could they see me too? Of course they can, its a lounge.... In Hershey Stadium. I walked to the door and opened it. It led me to a corridor. I hate corridors. Thu scre the shit out of me. At the end, I see Niall walk ou of a room. I guess he saw me becuz he looked at me and smiled. I walked towards him as he waited for me. I looked in every door that was opened.
"Hello there." He said with a cheeky smile.
"H-hi." I said mentally facepalming myself. Im a dumbass in front of hot guys.
"Haha, have a good sleep?" He asked me.
"Yes I did. Thanks for asking." I said as I yawned. It also made him yawn. I let out a giggle.
"Lets walk." He said as he grabbed my hand, his fingers between mine which made me blush. I guess he saw becuz I heard him giggle.
"Where is my mom and dad?" I asked confused.
"Oh, they left earlier." He said looking at the ground.
"Oh." I said disappointed. He sensed the disapointment.
"Dont worry, they left your things and here. You migt need this to save your sanity." He said as he handed me my iphone. I turned it on and my background lit up. It was me, Autumn, and Mary.
"Who are they?" He asked. I told that they were my besties and about the fight and coma. I pretty much told him everything. It surprised me how easy he was to talk to.
"I would like to meet them. You should invite them over tonight. We're throwing you a party." He said as we walked.
"Ok, thats sounds like a great idea." I said dialing Marys number.
"hello? Mary? Hey its Chey. Yes Cheyenne. Dude Im like the only Chey you know. Anyway you and autumn need to meet me at the hershey stadium. And dress nice. Its a surprise." I hung up. I turned to Niall who was playing with my hand he was holding. For some reason he was facinated.
"Found them guys!! Over here!." It was Louis. He walked over to us but stopped short. We realized we still were holding hands so we quickly let go and blushed. Louis just stands there with a smile on his face. We heard a horn and we came up with a plan of intruducing them to the boys and I quickly went outside. Mary was there with Autumn in a pretty black dress. Autumn in a blue one.
"Hey whats up? You sounded excited on the phone." She asked.
"Just wait, BOYS!!!!!" I shouted loud. And out came the boys. Marys jaw dropped. The boys laughed and we headed inside. Mary was flipping out the whole evening. We all had a good time and finnaly Mary and Autumn left and we cleaned up. After all that I was tired so we drove to the penthouse and I was showed my room. I got into my PJ's and hit my bed hard. I was asleep within seconds. What a good day.
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