the day in the life of cassy

cassy is a girl that gets bullyed and one day her mum starts managing ond d and she and harry fall madly in love. read to find out more


2. Chapter1

"Harry can we go to the docters i fell a little sick" I said as i walked into the kitchen. "of couse come hear" he picked me  upand moved my long blond hair out of my blue eyes and kissed me deeply.When he pulled away we got into his red 4 weel drive and went to the docters.


''Cassy Kate'' a docter called i stood up and went in to the room he just went in and sat down."Cassy we have some good news'' he said smileing ''yes what is it'' ''Cassy you are 6 months pregnet '' I just stood there looking at him and then he asked ''whould you like to no the sex of the baby?''  ''YES'' "it is a boy". cool i have a little boy in side meandit is harry and mine.ohh no harry i forgot what will harry say to this will he leve.''harry '' i said while we where back at our house." yes " Harry i am pregnent "


(a/n)hey i changed the story to cassy is pregnet with harry and cheating with louse sorry about that i will update wen some people read and comment thanks for reading i am happy that you are reading this =)

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