The Renegade Boy

The story is about a Boy named Jack. And Jack and his family were put out on the street, and Jack would then give glory and honor to his family again. To get back in their manor.

-About the timeline- The time is about at 1700 Years Hope you enjoy it. : )


1. The beginning.


Name: Jack Ressence

Occupation: Working by the harbor.

Age: 19


Jack lifted a crate across the harbor, until He barely could lift it anymore. He sat the crate hard on the carvan, and the rider said 'Thank you for your help, this was it for today' ' That was nothing, by the way have you heard that Ben got fired?' 'Yes i heard it. But now i got to go' The rider whipped the horse's, and then it rode off. He looked after the carvan until he couldnt see it anymore. It began to rain he went inside. 'Jack!' Someone yelled 'Yes?' He answered 'You need to talk to the C.O' He went up the stairs and in to the office 'Good morning Jack' 'Mornin' 'Please, take a seat' 'Naa im fine standing' 'Very well as you please, well ive been watching you and youve been sloppy' 'But  officer i will do my very best!' 'If you dont do your best and you better damn do your best, or else you are fired!' Jack was on his way home home to his sweet bed he went inside and on his bed and then he fell to sleep.


-well guys that's the first chapter done...tell me what you think.

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