don't brake my heart

roses dad is a music producer when he signs up one direction she is stoked. the only problem is that she is 8 and a half months pregnant so she hopes that they won't talk too much about it.


1. New guests

Today was my last day at school and I am so happy, I walk into the house and I see my dad sitting on the couch "hey dad" i say and hug him from behind "hi sweetie I have a suprise but you need to go have a shower and get changed" he say and I slowly walk upstairs, I have a short shower and get changed into sweats and grab a book to read. "What's the su-" I say while walking down but I get cut off by the doorbell "this is your suprise" he says while opening the door "hi" says dad to the five boys many people know as one direction, "hi" they say in unison I walk down next to my dad and the boys instantly look at my stomach "rose Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and zayne are our new guests they will be staying here for a while and who knows they may stay with us permanently" says dad, they all smile at me and I smile back "hi I'm rose, 8 and a half months pregnant" I say while still smilling, they look at me and I go sit on the couch and read my book. "Oh and I forgot to mention that Harry has to stay in your room" says dad, I spin around look at Harry and dad then turn back around and read again "ok" I say calmly then think AHHHH mum wouldn't of let dad let someone stay in my room. After a bit the boys sit next to me and watch tv, the baby kicks and I hold my stomach I see Harry looking so I whisper "would you like to feel the baby kick?" I ask and be nods. I take his hand and rest it on my stomach, the baby kicks and we both smile, on second thought I think that Harry will be a good room mate...
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