don't brake my heart

roses dad is a music producer when he signs up one direction she is stoked. the only problem is that she is 8 and a half months pregnant so she hopes that they won't talk too much about it.


2. Music is a good carrer

When the baby wasn't kicking I moved Harry's hand and rested my head on his shoulder, "put your head on my lap" he says and I do then he lifts my head up and puts a pillow on it. About 20 minutes later I'm awoken to the door being slammed closed so I bolt up " what's for dinner I'm starved" I say and my dad laughs "KFC" he says and I pretty much run to the kitchen, I grab a ton of stuff and I think Niall thought that I was trying to outeat him so he had a bit more then me. "I think we should play buzz tonight" says dad "pairs but ill be by myself" I nod and I just keep shoveling stuff into my mouth. When I'm done I walk to the freezer and grab a rainbow paddle pop and eat it back at the table. When we are all done we sit in the lounge room and dad sets up buzz, I decide to be with Harry and he agrees to play with me. We play 2 games of buzz ten I decide to go to bed and everyone else go's to bed too, I say to Harry that I'm gonna have a shower first and he just nods. When I'm in the shower i start to sing my life would suck without you by Kelly Clarkson then after I sing the second verse I stop because I know that Harry styles is out there along with the other boys so I get scared they heard me and turn off the shower and dry myself and get dressed. I walk out of the shower "all yours" I say and smile then he walks in after smilling at me "your a good singer by the way" he says and I freeze then i go to my bed and lie on my back and hold my stomach, then the other boys come in and I wave they wave back and ask "is Harry in the shower" I just nod and then start to sing we are never ever getting back together by Taylor swift and they all look at me, when I'm done they clap "Charlotte you should think of a music carrer" says Liam, that isn't a bad idea I think tomorrow I might tell dad what they all thought. I end up slowly falling asleep and I have an awsome dream about the baby coming out soon, I can only hope
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