don't brake my heart

roses dad is a music producer when he signs up one direction she is stoked. the only problem is that she is 8 and a half months pregnant so she hopes that they won't talk too much about it.


3. Baby day?

I wake up and see Harry on the blow up mattress on the floor and smile, the baby kicks and I decide to get up, I feel a sharp stabbing pain and I double over. No body is up so I walk over to Harry and shake him really hard "GET UP" I scream and he bolts up "what's wrong??" He asks sleepily, there is another sharp pain and then I feel my pants being soaked "I think that my water just broke" I say a little horrified, he jumps out of bed "grab a bag an-" he starts but I stop him "I'm already packed for this moment just go get dad and the boys" I say and go to the closet "ill meet you in the car with everyone" he says and I reply with a small "ok" then I grab my bag and pull my iPod/iPhone charger and grab both my iPod and iPhone. I walk down the stairs and get into the car, about 20 seconds later everybody is in and my dad is starting the car. Once we get to the hospital Harry carries me to the wheelchair that they got me and I sit in it and I am wheeled into the emergency room.

The birthing was bloody and had lots of screaming in it but my dad and Harry were there to hold my hands, it was all worth it though because I got my baby Alice out of my belly. I came up with the name Alice because one of my favorite movie/book is Alice in wonderland, I wake up from my small nap and Harry is still sitting on the chair next to me "Harry" I say and he wakes up "yes" he says "come here" I say and he stands up and walks to the bed, that's when I kiss him on the lips, it's what I always wanted to do since I met him. He kisses back and then after a bit I pull back "rose will you be m-" he starts but I cut him off by yelling "YES" and then my dad walks in and Harry sits back down "doctor says when you are dressed you can go" I smile and get dressed then go down to get Alice...
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