Every door holds a secrete

Liz, Krystal and kira are excited to have tickets to one direction and arent very happy to be told thay had been kidnapped. After deciding that the girls were staying over for the summer whilest here dad was claming to be on a bussness trip all summer long.When the went to to the basement finding five handsom boys and finally realising who liz's father really was. how will they react to all this drama and what will they do to help he boys wih out her father finding out!


3. Why is this happening


I woke up this fine morning think that last night was a dream but was proven wrong since liam had his arms wrapped me i looked over to see that it was only 7:30am and leaned in for a soft kiss waking him up. "sorry" i whispered " I stared into his eyes as he said"its fine .its nice waking up to a beatiful girl like yoü"i leaned in for a kiss and grabbing his neck he tangled his fingers through my hair. I pulled away asking him "what was going on with us" he smiled and said"well it looks i have a new girlfriend" we laghed together deciding to get up."im leaving in a few days "i told him he said "im going on tour tonight ""where to "i asked" america than australia""he said with as sad look on his face


we took then to the air port giving each other hugs and saying our goodbyes.


us three were on a plane back to england i had to see my dad before he left to go on a bussiness. after 12 hours we arrived home and i rang as taxi as soon as we passed through air port security.

we finnaly arrived home i ran in huging me dad who held envlope in his hands" Whats that in your hand"i asked as he handed to me he said"ill be back in an hour or two okay" he said feeling sorry"well be fine and thanks ill see you soon"i said happily and eager to see what was in the envolope. "okay see yous there money on the table id i dont get home in time for tea."he said opening the door."bye" we all shouted closing the door behind him. i ripped open the envolope and screamed "3 tickets to 1D and  backstage passes"omg"it was getting pretty late so we went to bed. i had a texted from liam"from lili hey landed at about three thought i would text you to let you no"i went to sleep and forget about texting him back.

JOHN(liz's dad)P.O.V

i finally found the boys dragging thm one by one into my van laughing at the fact that he was kidnapping the famous one direction. halve an hour later we pulled up in front of my house ""telling us to be quiet or else" i said with a smirk on my face he took us downstares in to a basement and locked the door behind him.


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