Every door holds a secrete

Liz, Krystal and kira are excited to have tickets to one direction and arent very happy to be told thay had been kidnapped. After deciding that the girls were staying over for the summer whilest here dad was claming to be on a bussness trip all summer long.When the went to to the basement finding five handsom boys and finally realising who liz's father really was. how will they react to all this drama and what will they do to help he boys wih out her father finding out!


4. Surprise Surprise

i woke up early to the sound of my dad packing his bag getting reading for his business trip, i ran downstaires befor he left so that i could say goodbye, i ran and i gave him a BIG hug, and said"im gonna mis you so much dad, ill see you when you get back" i said as i almost broke down into tears, then he got into the taxi to leave for the airport that my eyes where suddently filled with tears.as I walked back inside and sat down to watch the news seeing that one direction were kidnapped I broke down in more tears and was crying even harder than before.

I heard a nose coming from the basement I quickly wiped me face and headed for the door trying to open it but it wouldn't so I ran into the kitchen searching rapidly through draws and cupboards. I saw a key lying the coffee table I ran over grab it franticly ran to the basement door and unlocked saw Liam first I ran over to him and untied his mouth , hand and feet did the same with the rest of them. I asked Liam what happened "well we arrived at the hotel and went to register our selves as we walk out the front to get out luggage I felt some one punch in my head as I fell to the ground and was dragged into a van" he said " he did that to rest of us to" Lou joined in I felt sick in the stomach I didn't think me dad could do that,"I'm sorry but yous are gonna have to stay here if my dad knows I found you god know what he would do to me." I finished with my eyes full of tears. Liam pulled me in for a hug and then before I knew it I was kissing him on the lips he smiled lips still touching. I was joined by Krystal kissing Harry and lou kissing Kira.I smiled at them and how happy we all we are.

I heard a knock on the upstairs door us three girls ran out shut the door behind us locking it. I opened the door and to my surprise it was me sister Jessica she hugged me I introduced her to the girls and we invited her in. " Can you keep a secrete" Liz asked " yer of coarse " okay come with us we took her down stairs to the basement unlocking the door " you can't scream a d don't over react" I said to her she nodded her head ,She gasped as Kira introduced us.
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