Every door holds a secrete

Liz, Krystal and kira are excited to have tickets to one direction and arent very happy to be told thay had been kidnapped. After deciding that the girls were staying over for the summer whilest here dad was claming to be on a bussness trip all summer long.When the went to to the basement finding five handsom boys and finally realising who liz's father really was. how will they react to all this drama and what will they do to help he boys wih out her father finding out!


6. On the run!

"MORNING"I yelled as I jumped on liams and liz's bed laughing my head of she gave me a stare.then laughed I thought I would go wake up Harry and Krystal but with a bucket of water this time I ran into there room and chucked it one them they just looked at me and laughed as did I. Than I thought I would wake up Kira but not with water or jumping, nothing like that I lent in close to her head and gave her a kiss before I said"morning my carrot Queen" she laughed and said in a sweet voice" morning carrot king" I stared into her eyes as she laughed at my new nickname for her.

I woke up to a kiss of Lou. I was his carrot queen and he was my carrot king. I laughed at the thought he started to sing I will always love and stared into my eyes leaned in for a kiss but more passionate than usual.

"I'm gonna kill you Lou"I said finally getting out of bed soaking wet. He ran out of his and kiras room managing to say " not if I kill you first" I laughed and ran the other way releasing that he was running towards. He tackeled me to the ground I couldn't move I let out a very loud scream and yelled"HARRY!!!!" he ran out and tackled Lou of me the boys all joined in. I looked over at Liz who was staring down to her fine almost in tears.

I watched the boys tackle each other I laughed and couldn't stop until I got a text from dad:I found you don't move or your DEAD MEAT!!!" my eyes filled up with tears I saw Krystal come over to me and snatched my phone out of my hand I screamed "HEY" I could tell that she already read with the look on her face. The boys came running over I heard niall yell " IN THE VAN NOW" we al raced to the van. We drove for hours and hours until it reached night fall we al fell sleep in the van it was surprisingly comfortable.
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