Every door holds a secrete

Liz, Krystal and kira are excited to have tickets to one direction and arent very happy to be told thay had been kidnapped. After deciding that the girls were staying over for the summer whilest here dad was claming to be on a bussness trip all summer long.When the went to to the basement finding five handsom boys and finally realising who liz's father really was. how will they react to all this drama and what will they do to help he boys wih out her father finding out!


1. london here we come!


We finally landed in LondOn which i was glad to dont get me wrong i just hated plane rides!.After passing through security i heard kira mummbled " lunch anyone" i replyed "sure" "ive always wanted to try Nandos!"We noddded our heads and went to find a taxi. After halve an hour we finnaly found one and arrived at nandos. As we walk there was no tables but five boys were hogging at table and to my surprise one of then invited us over i didnt relise who thet were untill one of then spoke he had brown hair was just taller than me and had eyes i that i got lost in."I am Liam this is Harry, Naill, zayn and Louis " i gave them a weird look at then started to mumble"Your the band "'one direction' he had finished me sentance before i had a chance to i replyed "yea that was what i was going to say"giving him a cheeky smile and before i know it louis yelled "liam got a crush"he laughed as did the rest of tham besides laim and i. I felt my cheeks go red as i looked up at him realising hes were a bright red aswell than i heard an irish voice asking us where we staying i looked up at him said "Well we havent decided yet" "we just decide to go with the flow" i added looking at the girls with a smile secretly hoping that they would ask us to stay with them  and to my surprise liam looked in to my eyes and said"I can stay at ours if thats alright with yous" i didnt hesitate and siad"that would be great" looking at the girls who were smiling with joy. 

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