Every door holds a secrete

Liz, Krystal and kira are excited to have tickets to one direction and arent very happy to be told thay had been kidnapped. After deciding that the girls were staying over for the summer whilest here dad was claming to be on a bussness trip all summer long.When the went to to the basement finding five handsom boys and finally realising who liz's father really was. how will they react to all this drama and what will they do to help he boys wih out her father finding out!


2. A night with the boys


After finishing our meal, we finaly arrived back at the boys hotel since zayn and niall shared a room, i had to share a room with harry, which left louis with kira and liz with liam. after talking till about 10pm harry decided that it was time for him to go to bed and gave me the look as if he wanted me to follow him, i obayed his look and followed him to his room. once he unlocked the door, and i found him staring deep into my eyes and i look into his, he looked into my eyes for a few seconds and then pulled me in close for a kiss, i was a little embaressed but then i kissed him back not knowing what i was getting myself into, then suddently i felt him push me onto the bed, we stared into each others eyes before he pulled me in for a hug. before i new it i fell asleep in harry's arms.


Before i know it i was being lead in to louis room more like carried !!bridal style!! and kissing him passontatly before i knew it iwas in a cozy little bedroom still kissing each our lips never left each others arms he tried unbuttting my shirt before i yelled "red light"he looked at me funny


But i could tell what she meant i mean i just meet her and already for second base what was i thinking.so instead ipulled her in for a cuddle and we layed there and talk for ages as i stared in hey eyes for a while. She didnt pull away untill i leaned in for a kiss and let her fall asleep in my arms. Thinking how luckly i was to have met her i relised that i was develping feelings for her i feel asleep thinking about her beautiful eyes and that brown hair it was perfect and suited her perfectly.again she was perfect all over i smiled at the thought.


We layed ther on the lounge her head in my chest staring into her eyes and hers starring into mine. She laugh as i kissed her on the cheek she giggled after i smiled at her. she smiled back as she leanded infor another kiss but not i on the cheek on the lips she smiled lips still touching mine. i creashed my lips into hers once again we stayed like that for a while i pulled away and carried her to bed. once we reached our destination i laid her on the bed and we culdded for the rest of the as we fell asleep.

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